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Jason A. Dennis

Jason A. Dennis always knew that he was put on this earth to help people, but it wasn’t until his law school orientation—when he heard the inspirational convocation speech delivered by Dean Nelson Miller—that his mission became crystal clear. “After he spoke, I knew I found my calling,” Jason recalls. “Which is why I work tirelessly to ensure that I pay homage to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice so that I can be afforded the opportunity and privilege to serve my community, both domestically and internationally, as a member of the legal profession.”

As the founder and owner of the Law Offices of Jason A. Dennis, one of the country’s fastest-growing immigration law firms, Jason is committed to helping people realize their dreams of a better life. “America gives hope to so many simply looking to better themselves and the lives of their families. Knowing that my hard work and commitment give my clients the ability to take full advantage of the endless opportunities this country has to offer gives me an overwhelming sense of humility,” he shares.

Driven by a passion for the law and a deep-seated sense of justice, he stands as a fierce advocate across the northeast by representing clients in a wide range of immigration matters, specifically, asylum, deportation and removal, green card/lawful permanent resident, and citizenship and naturalization. Jason’s expertise extends to bankruptcy, elder, wills, estate, and probate law, as well.

Navigating legal complexities with the integrity and professionalism befitting this noble profession, Jason is dedicated to finding the best solutions for those in need. Offering free consultations allows him to better understand his clients’ needs while involving them in the decision-making process. “It is imperative that I provide my clients with all the plausible options pertaining to their matters, so they have the ability to make an informed decision on how they want to proceed. The decisions they make, based on my recommendations, will impact their lives for generations to come,” he says. “When it’s all said and done, it’s all about how I can help my clients achieve their goals.”

As Jason successfully ushers his clients through immigration matters in federal and state courts and before the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, Immigration and Custom Enforcement, and the Immigration Court and Board of Immigration Appeals, he feels a profound sense of personal fulfillment as he strives to embody the values of his oath every day. “There is no greater feeling than discovering that you’ve been able to help someone,” he shares.

Ultimately, Jason chose to be an attorney for one reason—to fight for those who have no voice. This is why he advocates just as passionately for his community by serving as a public defender with the Newark Municipal Court when called upon. For the past three years, Jason has also served on the Board for the Municipality of Norristown Zoning Hearing Board in Pennsylvania, bringing his commitment to embody the values of his oath full circle.

Jason is admitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, the New Jersey State Bar, the District of Columbia Bar, and the Executive Office of Immigration Review. He holds a Juris Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.


Jason A. Dennis

Founder/Owner — The Law Offices of Jason A. Dennis

LinkedIn: Jason A. Dennis

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