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Jason and Brady Kinsey

We’ve all visited the office of a health care provider at some point in our lives. Typically, it’s an active environment, with busy doctors scurrying from one room to another and front office staff swiftly pulling patient records from monster file cabinets. But, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably never thought about how the office was set up or the type of property that was needed to accommodate the very particular and unique needs of the practice. Luckily for medical professionals throughout Colorado, brothers Jason and Brady Kinsey have focused their thriving real estate business on this very distinctive niche.

Jason and Brady are co-founders and co-partners of Kinsey & Company Commercial Real Estate (K&CO), and to date, they’ve helped more than 1,500 clients find the perfect space to set up shop. This powerful and productive pair, who have a combined 29 years of experience in commercial real estate, focus on tenant, buyer, landlord, and seller representation, investment services, and market analysis. K&CO is Colorado’s leading independently owned commercial real estate firm, having completed over $200 million in transactions, and never wavered from their commitment to putting clients first. It’s not surprising that in addition to the lion’s share of health care tenants they’ve acquired, they’ve also secured large-scale properties for several national companies. As Jason puts it, “We are built on simple principals. We take the time to thoroughly understand and prioritize our clients’ needs. We believe in the power of long-term relationships and by listening to our clients, practicing compassion, and providing the best service possible, and we are rewarded in an often overlooked and very undervalued way—we get to see our clients flourish.”


When it comes to health care tenants, K&CO has become renowned for their critical evaluation of prospective properties to identify the perfect site and earning their clients’ trust along the way.  In this endeavor, Jason and Brady consider population-to-doctor ratios, competition, population growth, access, visibility, and the safety of employees and patients along with many other critical considerations. More importantly, they perform these evaluations from the perspective of the business owner. “If I’m a dentist or plastic surgeon, I’m questioning if a location has the right synergy and if my patients will be comfortable getting services at this location,” Brady shares. “And, since we don’t just deal with independently owned practices, we have to be knowledgeable of all types of commercial properties as well as the needs of a variety of clients. That expertise may manifest in the form of negotiating with a landlord for more space and better terms, or finding a large, customizable location. In any case, and with every client, our approach varies, but the standard of service does not.”

At any given time, K&CO deals with 25-30 properties, and whether they are representing the tenant or the landlord, they provide a full suite of value-driven services. On the selling side, they’re ensuring a sound investment by going above and beyond what the typical broker offers. “We assess the financials of potential tenants as though we are the landlord because we know the importance of stability. We want to maximize the value of the real estate,“ Brady shares, “After we help a landlord acquire a property, we might also help them sell it. We know every inch of a shopping center, office park, neighborhood, and intersection and we analyze the transaction from the perspective of the client and their ultimate goals.”


Just as their approach to service differentiates them within their industry, so too does their method for marketing. “We believe we have best-in-class marketing materials, whether it’s our brochure, an offering memorandum, or professional photography,” Brady explains. “We like to show the property in the best light possible and be concise and clear about the opportunity each property presents, whether it’s for a lease or sale. I think everyone appreciates honesty and transparency, and for us, it’s become a trademark. With every deal and every client, we maintain a high standard and always provide the best guidance we can do to enable smart, cost-effective, and successful decisions.”


Underlying every innovative marketing strategy for their landlord clients and every hand-selected location for tenants is the unwavering principle upon which Brady and Jason founded the firm—Do the right thing. Jason shares, “I can see around corners a lot further than most people, and our core values are very simple. It’s about taking care of people and being part of their journey to success. It’s about understanding our clients’ needs, always being available to them, and just doing the right thing. We’re passionate about what we do, we care, and it shows.”


Brady Kinsey holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and Jason Kinsey has received the Costar Power Broker Award for multiple years.



Jason Kinsey, Brady Kinsey
Co-Partners and Co-Founders

Kinsey & Company Commercial Real Estate
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