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Jason Bosch

Jason Bosch is no stranger to the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship. After 30 years in the real estate industry, he has embarked on an unexpected new venture as the owner of Steamers Fine Cleaners. This shift may seem drastic for someone who has been deeply ingrained in real estate, but for Jason, it's just another step in his journey of reinvention and investment.

Starting as a teenager, Jason quickly made a name for himself in real estate, accumulating sales awards and a portfolio of rental properties. However, the economic downturn in 2010 forced him to start from scratch. This setback, though challenging, did not deter him. Over the past two years, Jason discovered what he calls a "shortcut" to wealth creation, which led him to sell one of his homes in Tennessee and dive into the dry-cleaning business—a field he knew nothing about, except as a customer.

Despite his lack of experience in the dry-cleaning industry, Jason's adeptness at crunching numbers and managing staff has seen Steamers Fine Cleaners thrive under his leadership. “Ultimately I’m a business guy," Jason says, "and now I have a whole new vehicle that can help fund my ability to continue investing." His success with the first location has been so promising that he is currently in the process of acquiring a second dry-cleaning establishment in a nearby city.

At 48, Jason views this pivot not just as a business strategy, but as a personal reinvention. He believes that the principles of business investment—seeking returns, managing operations, and engaging well with people—are universal, regardless of the industry. This perspective comes from years of experience, currently as an executive for EXP Realty, and previously as a traveling speaker and coach, and as a franchisee for Keller Williams, where he led one of the most profitable offices in the region for eight years.

For Jason, the essence of successful entrepreneurship lies in treating people with respect, fairness, and offering proper compensation. These values have helped him foster a supportive work environment at Steamers Fine Cleaners, where he and his employees share camaraderie and commitment. "Business owners will not reach success without the help of others," Jason asserts, emphasizing the importance of leadership and community in business.

Jason’s journey is also marked by his commitment to giving back. A former high school dropout who turned his life around after becoming a teenage father, he understands the value of second chances. Proud of his MBA from the University of Laverne, Jason has been providing scholarships to students in urban South Los Angeles, the community where he started his own educational journey.

As Jason continues to expand his portfolio into new fields, he remains a testament to the power of resilience and adaptability in business. Whether in real estate or dry cleaning, Jason Bosch is proof that with the right mindset, you can find success in any endeavor you choose.

If you are interested in transitioning from sales to investing, Jason does private, one-on-one coaching. Send  him a message at: (909) 935-5888


Jason Bosch


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