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Jason appears in the Top 100 People in Finance magazine.



Chief Executive Officer

Paradise Planning Life Insurance Group Inc



Why would a life insurance representative consult with or collaborate with your company?

Innovative Financial Group offers the best educational platform and the top leads in the industry. These leads are demographically designed to sell “policies so representatives are not sitting with prospects, but rather sitting with clients. We offer a guaranteed platform and educational system that will ensure a six figure income, faster than anyone else.

Describe the educational platform that your business offers.

It is strategically designed to teach representatives the product knowledge necessary to build more value to sell higher premiums. It is a daily, online, self-training webinar. We also host events every three months for our representative and the entire organization to get together for training, networking and discussion.


How long have you been involved in training and providing sales strategies to life insurance sales professionals?

I have a long career finding out what works and what doesn't when selling life insurance and annuity products. I have over ten years of teaching, training and coaching life insurance sales professionals on building "value" which sells more product and creates larger sales.

What is the average annual income of your representatives?

Using my coaching platform and lead program guarantees life insurance representatives will earn between $100,000 and $400,000 the first year. Of course, it ultimately depends on their dedication to the training program, however any well trained representative can take the actions necessary to generate sales.


What do you look for when hiring a new life insurance sales professional?

I look for an individual that takes action, wants to learn, follows the training and is motivated to work hard and succeed. I then provide these professionals with the tools they need to prosper.


What makes your business different from others like it in the industry?

The education, sales training, and lead programs I offer my representatives create the value they need to create the value the clients need. Without the proper training, sales strategies, appointment setting techniques, product knowledge and lead programs, representatives will never see the income they were promised.


Tell us about your training seminars and how you prepare your representatives to facilitate them?

Our seminars are offered nationwide and we are basically teaching seniors and retirees about options for protecting their retirement funds. Today, many Americans are losing their retirement funds to stockbroker fees and an unsteady market. My representatives learn how to host seminars that teach people how to stop losing their retirement money and how to protect their assets.


Are these seminars a lucrative opportunity for a life insurance professional?

The money a rep can earn based on their knowledge, actions, and platform. An average seminar rep can earn $10,000 to

$100,000 a month it all comes down to the size of the seminar, how well they present the opportunity, their education and what the products can do for the people. Seminar speaking is one of the most lucrative income opportunities in the industry of life insurance today.


What products do you use to protect your clients and their retirement?

We own a brokerage so we use the product that best suits each client’s needs. Over the years I have taught every client I have ever worked with how to pay their mortgage off earlier and how to pay off all debts by using special life insurance products and index annuity products that protect their retirement.

What is an index annuity and how does it protect retirees?

Retirees have done great job at saving for retirement using employer-based retirement funds such as 401k. However, the products are widely misunderstood and filled with fees, costs, high taxation and the worst of it all is the retirees participate  in the downsides of the market. For instance, take a retiree who begins with $10,000 and earns 7% over 30 years but is charged 2% fee. Over that time period, it will cost the retiree

$30,000. No one said you had to tip the broker! The stock market cannot be beat and after an employee becomes a retiree, they no longer fund the 401k, 403b and they usually end up paying more in taxes than when they were employed.


People are not as prepared as they believe today. They never do the "math" correctly and their advisors simply don't want to teach the truth about retirement options, or they lose accounts and lose money. What retirees did in the past is not set up for what they need into the future. You need steady income that will grow upon inflation, tax increases, healthcare costs, and lifestyle. Many people today never do the math on inflation annually; forced draws at age 701/2, tax increases, and lifeline. Simply put. people are living longer than ever today. As of 2019, men will outlive their money by 8.3 years and woman by 10.9 years! See the problem yet?





From Our Life Insurance Agents:

"I've worked with Jason for over 5 years now . I have doubled my income from learning his sales techniques. He provides exceptional one on one training plus live webinars weekly. I wouldn't work for any other brokerage." -Paul C

"Jason and his team have helped me tremendously over the years. Their leads are by far the best demographically. I highly recommend any new or experienced agent to look into working with him as their training is outstanding." -David S

"It isn't easy being a female in a predominantly male industry. However, Jason helped me overcome that obstacle by being the smartest and well versed while talking to client's about their policies. I've helped many families save hundreds of dollars over the years protecting their loved ones with lower premiums our top carriers offer. This career is very rewarding." -Jenny T


From our clients:


"I was about to lose my home. Jason showed me how to get back on track financially. His strategies reduced my mortgage payment from 30 years to 15 years. I am so grateful he was able to help me." -Stan R

"My wife and I were noticing that our retirement funds were losing money in the market . After working for 40 years it was crippling to see this money wasn't going to last. Jason set us up for a lifetime income where we would never out live our income. And we have recouped the funds we lost in the stock market. Instead we are earning and not losing our retirement funds. Jason was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful." - Rick T and Carol T



Let me prove that your money is not set up the way you were told and inside the fine print are losses you aren’t aware of.

Accept the education and then make your decision!

For a No Cost Illustration, contact my office today or text "Annuity" to 352-255-2594.

I will personally coach you on options for your family’s future.


Paradise Planning

Life Insurance Group Inc Innovative Financial Group. 

Download the 2019 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Jason's feature on page 8.

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