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Top 100 People in Finance


Jason Nightingale

Jason Nightingale owns Safe Money Solutions, LLC in Kamiah Idaho and meets with clients across 40 states by Zoom/web meeting. Jason is a NAIFA member, a team leader, and top producer. He began his agency offering solutions for life insurance of all types. At first the agency’s primary area of focus was mortgage protection and final expense. They also offered fixed indexed products to help clients minimize risk and get great returns without market loss. He also focused on tax-free retirement options. 

It wasn’t until 2017 that a fundamental change occurred that transformed the business forever.  Jason was fervently looking for a way to get returns on his own savings and checking accounts as well as find a way to quickly eliminate his own mortgage. What happened next was simply astonishing. Jason realized there was a way to reduce mortgage/debt payoff times by approximately 70% by restructuring banking methods. This was quite amazing, saving the average homeowner $100-$200,000. Jason took it a step further and found an advanced way to capture compound interest at about 6% in a special “savings” account using certain specially designed insurance products. The results were nothing short of amazing. He had stumbled upon a two-fold system to effectively reverse the tables on the financial system to collect compound interest- instead of paying it. Second, he found a way to negate years off of debt payments, which puts thousands and thousands of dollars back in the account!  By doing both (at the same time) it has an exponential effect in retirement! The best part is, all the gains are tax-free AND a person can access funds without penalty or waiting until age 59-1/2!

How in the world hadn’t he thought of this sooner? Why were these methods so hard to discover? Why doesn’t someone TEACH this, he mused. Well, that is EXACTLY what he decided to do. After helping clients for 2 years to change their lives using these amazing advanced concepts, his name began to get out in the industry. He made connections on LinkedIn and at events and finally partnered with a financial distribution company named Concierge For Advisors.  They hired him as director of life insurance,  and in turn, he teaches the strategies on their platform all across the US to help financial advisors. The strategies greatly increase cash flow and assist time horizons as well as helping advisors increase AUM while giving the client tools to dramatically change present and future finances. This is nothing short of amazing!


Jason Nightingale

Owner — Safe Money Solutions, LLC

Download the 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Jason's feature on page 87.

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