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Jason Santana

Jason Santana is a luminary in the HR and Human Capital Management (HCM) arena, boasting over two decades of unwavering commitment in executive and leadership capacities. As the CEO of ArieWorks Inc., an avant-garde AI HCM company poised to redefine industry norms, he seamlessly integrates extensive HCM expertise with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In doing so, Jason empowers companies, regardless of size, to navigate the intricacies of people management with unparalleled efficiency.


A graduate of the prestigious Harvard Business Analytics Program, Jason possesses a profound understanding of AI and data analytics, ranking among the nation's elite in this specialized field. It was this program, combined with his deep-rooted experience in the HCM sector, that ignited his fervor for incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics into the industry's fabric.


Embarking on his illustrious journey in data science and analytics, Jason adeptly traversed the realms of sales and marketing. Prior to this career pivot, he honed his skills as a data science consultant, diligently deciphering market intricacies and devising strategic product positioning. Under his stewardship, he helped steer a publicly traded, $40 billion market cap company to record share prices, even amidst challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, for Jason, the triumph of the company is always secondary to the well-being and advancement of its people.


As the visionary CEO of ArieWorks Inc., Jason and his team are unveiling a next-generation Human Resource Management platform, embodying a progressive work culture with initiatives such as a four-day workweek and a remote-first environment. Jason envisions a continued flattening of the global talent landscape, relentlessly pursuing excellence in a workplace where passion converges with purpose. This vision encapsulates his two-decade odyssey of nurturing talent and cultivating commendable company cultures. Jason Santana isn't merely a leader; he's a visionary bridging the realms of HCM and technology, perpetually prioritizing the growth and well-being of his people.


However, Jason's ambitions extend beyond ArieWorks Inc. He also spearheads Sales Elder, a transformative consulting and leading sales industry content creation entity. Under Jason's guidance, Sales Elder excels in crafting impeccable strategies, training blueprints, and market plans tailored for product launches and sales force enhancements. Leveraging their proficiency in data analytics, the firm curates bespoke sales performance and execution playbooks. Yet, Sales Elder's prowess extends beyond sales; the entity collaborates extensively with investors and consulting agencies, guiding them through the intricate corridors of the HCM sector.


Educationally, Jason holds an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a bachelor's degree in law and justice from NJ City University. These accomplishments, though commendable, only scratch the surface of his accolades. Jason's dedication to innovation was spotlighted in MBA Diversity Magazine, leading to him being honored with the Top 100 Innovators Executive and Emerging Leaders Award in 2019.


Jason Santana
CEO of ArieWorks 

Managing Partner of Sales Elder


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