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Jason Wood

As an attorney with Wood Law Group, Jason Wood is no ordinary trial lawyer. He is a fierce legal advocate whose passion for obtaining justice for his clients was born from decades of witnessing the injustices inflicted upon them by the insurance companies, big business and governmental entities he once helped to defend. With 25 years of experience in medical malpractice, civil rights, abuse of power, personal injury and catastrophic loss, wrongful termination, and discrimination, Jason now leads a firm dedicated to the cause of the victims. For his clients across Idaho and Wyoming, he is their champion. Someone who really believes in their case.  He uses his legal insight from the other side of the courtroom and uses it against them.  “It was soul-sucking, working for those large companies. It’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to represent the victims of the wealthy and powerful, ordinary people and small businesses against the wealthy and powerful who seem to be able to bend the legal system in their favor,” he explains.

Jason entered the legal field in 1994, clerking for a federal judge in Boise, Idaho. With an interest in different types of law, he moved back to his hometown of Idaho Falls a year later and began his career with a firm that focused on defending insurance companies against plaintiffs. While he tried to find fulfillment in the intellectual challenges and financial gain in representing them, the work only fed his increasing desire to “change teams” and serve the victims. After nearly 20 years, the unfairness of it all finally wore on him. “I tried to bring more of that to my old firm as the years went by, but it never took hold, so I finally broke off and started my own firm.”

In a relentless pursuit of justice for the victims, in 2014 Jason took his decades of experience and legal skill, turned the tables on the corporate and insurance behemoths, and founded a practice as a passionate advocate dedicated to fighting for “ordinary people” against the very powers he once represented. Born and raised in Idaho with a deep-rooted Idahoan lineage that extends for six generations, Jason knows the jury and the state inside and out. With integrity as a core value, he takes only cases he believes in. “I refuse to take cases I don’t believe in, so when I am on their side, my clients know that they have a real champion in their corner, while other side always knows they are in for a brawl,” he shares. As former president of the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association—a position reserved for only the best attorneys—with a reputation for “if he takes you to court, you’ll lose,” there is perhaps no more fitting word than “champion” to describe him.

Jason received his law degree from the University of Idaho. Dedicated to helping victims of injustice, he does pro bono work with child advocacy groups and has been appointed by the federal court to represent inmates with meritorious civil rights claims who cannot otherwise obtain competent legal representation.


Jason Wood

Attorney — Wood Law Group


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