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Jason Zdyb

After serving 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as an infantry soldier, Jason Zdyb got into financial services on the bottom rung, and over the course of 14 years, built himself a multi-province business and earned a unique CDFA professional designation that separates him from other financial advisors and makes his company, Edmonton-based Zdyb Financials Ltd, a one-stop shop for clients. Licensed in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, Zdyb Financials Ltd is a full-service brokerage handling life insurance, financial planning, estate and succession planning, retirement planning, and investment strategy for individuals and families, business owners, and incorporated professionals. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Jason is an expert in all specific financial aspects of divorce and everything that comes with it, working with family lawyers on behalf of their clients and, individuals alike. Above and beyond the in-house financial services he provides, he also goes the extra mile for his clients to outsource life, critical illness and living benefits insurance companies as a broker, shopping the market to get the exact right fit for each of their unique needs.


Jason’s CDFA designation is only one thing that sets him apart from other financial advisors. He also has access through the relationships he has built, to the proper platforms needed to create the right results for his clients and, spends a great deal of time developing relationships with each of them. He prides himself on being “relationship based” vs “transaction based”. He uses outside-the-box, creative solutions to solve any problem a client might come in with and, is always available when they need him. This creativity and attention have led to 99% of Jason’s business being referral-based. Being in the Canadian army for more than a decade taught him the importance of serving others completely, and this is something that has carried through into his financial services career. “I stayed with that mantra and devoted my life to people in a different way,” Jason says. “I flourish on it.”


Jason’s business is unique in that he built it entirely from the ground up, and his hard work and dedication to clients has not only earned him the appreciation and gratitude of his clients, but also an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to helping clients through his business, Jason is also on the Alberta Insurance Council Appeal Board as an adjudicator elected by his peers and has sat on a number of boards and panels.



Jason Zdyb, CDFA

Financial Advisor — Zdyb Financials Ltd.

Website: www.zdybfinancials.com

LinkedIn: Jason Zdyb

Facebook: Zdyb Financials

Website: www.zdybfinancials.com

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