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Jay Rinehart


Just two short years ago, Jay Rinehart was enjoying his tenth year at New York Life, where he served in leadership as senior partner and managing partner, but when they, like so many companies across the nation during the pandemic, closed their office doors to the public in 2020, Jay saw it not as an end, but as a new beginning. He parted ways with them and stepped out in faith, knowing he needed to replace his corporate role with one of business ownership—and the accompanying freedom to serve his own client base while building a team of financial professionals to be the leading financial services firm in northwest Florida. Enter Northwestern Mutual of Alabama, who recruited him to build a satellite office in Florida. And build he did—growing from a one-person show at the start of 2021 to a thriving business in just 18 months. Today, Jay employs four advisors, in addition to staff, and has added 52 clients to his practice.


Jay achieved these results using a comprehensive planning model, which is applied to both the internal and client-facing aspects of building the business. On the internal side, it means finding successful people with entrepreneurship desires, regardless of professional background. His model has new representatives licensed in 10 days and trained to bring on 10 clients of their own in their first 3 months, and the remainder of their first year mapped out to optimize their development and ensure success. On the client side, it means understanding where they want to be, then presenting potential clients with an accurate snapshot of their current financial situation based on full audit and analysis of benefits before the client even decides to work with them. 


As a boutique wealth management firm backed by access to resources from one of the country’s leading financial institutions, this unique approach exemplifies the way Jay leads his team, which is, as he puts it, “a team of problem-solvers who have the desire to challenge the status quo in our industry.”  Jay knows that up-front analysis and strategic planning are crucial for success in any matter, and that the small details are just as important as the big picture. He understands that when a client chooses his firm, they are actually choosing where to place their trust. His genuine appreciation for that trust they place in him and in his team is ultimately the reason Jay works so hard to go the extra mile for every single client.



Jay Rinehart

Growth and Development Director/Financial Advisor — Northwestern Mutual


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