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JD Slough

JD Slough started working for his dad’s CPA firm in high school in the late 1990s, handling basic bank reconciliations and bookkeeping, and his interest was immediately piqued. After earning his master’s certificate in forensic accounting from WVU and working as a CPA, for both private and public companies, JD joined Shafer, Troxel & Howe, Inc. (STH) in 2012 as CFO, eventually becoming a partner. STH is a $19M, Maryland-based manufacturers’ representative, specializing in the sale and service of large-scale pumping equipment. But that is not the entirety of JD’s responsibilities; in July 2020, he took on the role of fractional CFO for Cougar USA, a Houston, Texas-based company. In both roles and for both companies, JD handles financial preparation, presentation, analysis, and oversees IT, HR, warehouse, logistics, and shared services.


As JD seamlessly manages his myriad of responsibilities, he’s also focused on driving the company’s upward mobility and continual evolution. In a previous position, he ushered his employer through three audits in just 18 months, allowing the organization to secure financing while positioning them for future growth. During his time with STH, he helped them grow from $12M to $20M in gross sales, while limiting overhead expenses.  “My specialty is the financial process and its related effects, which requires understanding the impact of sales, IT, and accounting on an organization, and working to find the best practices for each function,” he says.


JD’s well-rounded skillset is gleaned from a career that includes involvement with a small CPA firm, large manufacturing companies, government, and private country clubs, all of which allowed him to effectively manage two software conversions within three years. Most recently, he led STH’s progression to a cloud-based platform, enabling them to grow the team enough to offer shared services to businesses nationwide. It also allowed them to seamlessly transition to a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, with minimal negative impact.


JD's integrated, multifaceted experience can be credited for the continued success of both organizations. “It’s vital to consider how my role it impacts others in the company— it’s not just about our balance sheet,” he says. Seeing this real-world, human impact is of particular importance to JD. While creating an atmosphere of stability for the companies, he’s cognizant of the importance that the same environment also extends to employees. “I want our staff to know that they’re in a safe, financially secure company and not have to worry if our doors will be open tomorrow.”


JD shares the same enthusiastic and committed attitude within his community, serving for the past two years as CEO of the Boonsboro Area Athletic Association (BAAA), a local youth sports organization.



JD Slough

Partner & CFO — STH, Inc.; Fractional CFO – Cougar USA



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