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Jean Olemou

As a visionary rising leader in impact investing, Jean Olemou leverages his unique perspective to connect communities and enterprises to inclusive prosperity, circular economy and sustainable infrastructure at a global scale. As Jean shares, “Ensuring we can achieve positive gains simultaneously for people, planet and profit will be the economic and moral imperative for our generation. We cannot work in silos – we must work together to achieve collective impact for all stakeholders.”

Having lived and worked throughout Africa, Europe, and the Americas, he has observed how compounding economic and social challenges hold communities, cities and nations back. As a result, Jean has focused his attentions to aligning investment with positive social and environmental impacts in emerging and frontier markets. As the co-founder and principal at GreenDev Inc., based out of Toronto, Jean leverages his extensive experience to accelerate climate-smart and sustainable infrastructure investment; environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG); impact investing; and corporate sustainability.


Founded in 2019, GreenDev is an impact investment management firm dedicated to investing in innovation, companies, and climate-smart infrastructure assets throughout the Global South as well as in selected jurisdictions of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). GreenDev is especially focused on advancing the transition from the linear to the circular economy in the agricultural, consumer goods, manufacturing, fashion, and technology industries.


As a result of their innovative circular solutions, high social and environmental impacts, and investment strategy, GreenDev was named one of the winners in the prestigious International Climate Finance Accelerator (IFCA) Competition held in Luxembourg in 2019. IFCA is a public-private partnership created by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, and other private sector partners.


Jean writes, “We are living in an interdependent world. The scale and scope of our challenges requires the commitment and comprehensive cooperation of all stakeholders in the global society. Not only do we have to manage globalization to ensure that it is open and fair, but we must also fight global risks such as climate change, health crises, poverty, gender inequality, unemployment and resource depletion.”


Jean is a member of Top Tier Impact, a global network of the most action-driven, results-oriented impact leaders. He was also named as a Global Talent by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Innovation lab (UNLEASH) in 2019 to co-create scalable solutions with other thought leaders for affordable and access to clean energy (SDG 7).


Jean holds a Bachelor of Mathematics degree as well as a Master of Finance degree. He is passionate about global history and ancient civilizations.



Jean Olemou

Co-founder and Principal

GreenDev Inc.

30 Wellington Street West, Suite 500

Toronto, Ontario, M5L 1E2 Canada



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