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Jeanine Panarelli

Jeanine Panarelli might live and work in and around Dandridge, in East Tennessee, but being a native New Yorker, she approached her business a little differently—and her Southern clients love her for it. “I work at a little faster pace than people are used to, and I tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, because people need the truth.” That honesty, along with a deep commitment to her clients, has been an incredible combination for Jeanine, who is actively licensed in both states.

After being licensed for several years, in 2010, Jeanine decided to open her own business, Panarelli Realty. Despite opening in the worst market and “in spite of everyone telling me I would never make it,” Panarelli Realty did open and went on to win the Reader’s Choice Awards in 2014-16. “I had folks betting against me, but the worst thing you can do is tell a woman she can’t do something.” After serving real estate clients in the Hudson Valley for over 15 years, Jeanine and her husband, Michael, felt it was time for a trip south and immediately fell in love with Tennessee. Making the decision to relocate the family in 2018 was an easy one. She immediately applied for her broker’s license and joined Franklin Realty in Dandridge, TN.  She now serves home buyers and sellers in East Tennessee, as well as those relocating from New York.

Jeanine’s love for residential real estate runs deep, and that includes some of the tougher aspects of it. Helping families through some of life’s most significant challenges, including death, divorce, and those facing foreclosure, isn’t for the faint of heart.  But these hard times are the very things that push her to provide the best care and support possible for her clients. “Moving is an exciting time, but for some, it can be very stressful,” she says. “I’ve seen a lot of sadness over 20 years, and I can feel when people are at their most vulnerable and need help.” In 2006, on the heels of the last recession, she started doing short sales before it became a trend, teaching herself the process so that she could give families the stability they desperately needed. “It allowed me to help many families in distress, which unfortunately lasted a ten-year span.”

Working through recessions and recoveries, as well as her own move from New York to Tennessee, has provided Jeanine with some valuable insight. “When people ask me when the best time to buy or sell is, I tell them, ‘Don’t wait for the market.’ When you find where you would rather to be, that’s the best time.”

Jeanine Panarelli
Real Estate Broker — Franklin Realty Inc.
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