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Jeannie Hua

In 2007, Jeannie Hua was working for a big-time criminal defense attorney. With more than a decade of legal experience behind her, she was shocked when her employer fired her—for being pregnant. “He didn’t think I could do the job while pregnant,” she remembers. But Jeannie knew better. That same year, she opened her own firm, the Law Office of Jeannie N. Hua, Inc., in Las Vegas, practicing criminal, administrative, and special education litigation for clients in Nevada and California. She’s been featured in the Nevada State Bar Magazine, and was named Top Lawyer by Desert Companion Magazine in 2014.


Jeannie’s criminal litigation experience is vast, encompassing everything from misdemeanors to Category A felonies. While primarily defense, she’s worked on the prosecution side as well for the Nevada Attorney General’s office. Her cases range from trial to habeas level, and with a background in indigent defense, she seamlessly and effectively manages a high volume of cases. Recently, Jeannie started practicing special education law, focusing on cases in which special needs children don’t get the resources they’re entitled to under state and federal law, an issue she cares deeply about. “They need people to fight for them,” she says.


As a sole practitioner, Jeannie deals directly with clients herself, getting to know them and their needs. They find her approachable and easy to talk to, someone they can trust, which is key in building the best case. Despite having to often deal with the darker aspects of human behavior, Jeannie sees the good in everyone. When she’s not representing clients, Jeannie serves as a pro tem, or substitute judge, where her rulings are guided by fairness and an empathetic heart. “I weigh the situation and consider how much they have to offer to the greater community,” she says. “My interest is to get them back on their feet with resources to help them reach their full potential.”


Jeannie Hua

Lawyer — Law Office of Jeannie N. Hua, Inc.