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Jeb Graham, CFP®

He’s a Kansas State alum with an executive education certificate in retirement planning from The Wharton School, a certified financial planner with nearly two decades of experience, and the founder and CEO of a thriving wealth management firm. But for Jeb Graham, wealth advising is about the people behind the numbers. He thrives on building relationships and devising plans to help clients pursue their financial goals. In fact, many clients have remained with Jeb since he became a financial advisor over 17 years ago. Jeb founded Metcalf Partners Wealth Management in 2011 in Overland Park, Kansas, with the motto “Every day you are one day closer to your dream.” And he means it. As a comprehensive wealth management firm that works with affluent individuals, emerging affluent individuals, and small company retirement plans across the U.S., the group specializes in wholistic financial and retirement planning as well as investment and tax management.


At Metcalf, wholistic financial and retirement planning are addressed through a top-down approach—gaining an understanding of the client’s financial goals. “Our clients benefit because everything we do serves a purpose for their big-picture plans,” Jeb explains. Similarly, the group ascertains each client’s risk tolerance as the first step of investment management. “We want to increase returns while staying within the parameters of their risk tolerance,” says Jeb. “We also want to utilize alternative asset classes that might improve returns and lower volatility.” By having their portfolios monitored and rebalanced, clients can benefit from the firm’s approach to tax management through which they participate in as many tax advantage investment vehicles as possible—such as converting money to a Roth IRA or maximizing contributions to employer-sponsored retirement plans. “Our goal is for our clients to pay less taxes and to be able to pass their estates on to their heirs in the most tax-advantaged way possible,” Jeb says.



Jeb Graham, CFP®

Owner and CEO

Metcalf Partners Wealth Management


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Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through V Wealth Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor.  V Wealth Management, LLC and Metcalf Partners Wealth  Management are separate entities from LPL Financial.

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