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Jeff appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Jeff Mocha

Jeff Mocha is the vice president of enterprise innovation for Oakville Enterprises (OEC), which is a group of companies that specializes in providing energy and infrastructure services solutions. Customers include infrastructure owners within the electricity, telecommunications, gas and municipal sectors. Integrated services include electrical distribution and telecom engineering, asset management, infrastructure locates, suite metering systems, meter reading, GIS mobile aerial mapping, and innovative power generation, energy storage and geo-exchange solutions.

Jeff has extensive experience in the industry, is a licensed professional engineer, and a supporter of local swing dancing communities where he dances, teaches, and helps with event coordination.  Prior to joining OEC Jeff worked in steel manufacturing where he was a thought leader for innovative power system solutions. After joining OEC Jeff was initially focused on the engineering aspects of the business, successfully overseeing major projects.  He proceeded to make significant innovative enhancements and process changes to the company’s approach to asset management.  Jeff was also instrumental in advancing the automation of a 24/7 electricity distribution control room, reducing power outages in the service territory.  Jeff’s drive and forward-thinking nature progressed to leading the newly founded Innovation division of the organization.

“Through Innovation at OEC, we are seeking new and better ways to work, build, perform, and connect in ways that create value for the organization. It’s an evolution and an approach that aligns resources, technology and collaborative partnerships to generate solutions to business challenges, productivity and profitability.” he explains.

Jeff’s role is twofold – fostering, accelerating and embedding a culture of innovation across the organization internally, while externally providing customers with innovative and valuable solutions to meet their specific needs.

“Internally in our organization we want to think, embrace, and drive innovation into our daily fabric. I engage with people and encourage collaboration, helping to foster creativity and find new opportunities. By creating an innovation-centric culture, we believe our employees will become difference makers.” he shares.

“With our customers, their expectations and the technology they are using are changing at a rapid pace. We look for opportunities for our businesses to actively disrupt the status quo through the adoption of technologies, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc.,” he explains.

Jeff’s naturally inquisitive engineering mind and his affinity for people drive him in his role - along with the company’s brand attributes: “Lead. Innovate. Commit to Excellence.” He leads the company in advancing the organization forward to strategically align all of its businesses with the fast pace of change, meeting the challenges of new and disruptive technologies, while continually preparing for the ongoing transformation of the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Jeff Mocha

Vice President, Enterprise Innovation — Oakville Enterprises


Twitter: @JeffMocha

Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Jeff's feature on page 59.

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