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Jen Earyes

Jen Earyes has embarked on a self-directed tour of senior-level corporate finance within Fortune 500 companies and now brings 15 years of finance experience to the table as managing director and head of policy of the Structured Finance Association. She’s served in the capital markets in sectors ranging from derivatives trading to liquidity management as well as in corporate development. She’s worked as a venture capitalist and handled international mergers and acquisitions. Today, she’s taking her considerable and multifaceted experience to help improve outcomes for the ecosystem of structured finance. The Structured Finance Association is a member-based trade industry advocacy group focused on improving and strengthening the broader structured finance market. Members of the association represent all sectors of the securitization market, including issuers, investors, financial intermediaries, law firms, accounting firms, technology firms, rating agencies, servicers, and trustees—comprised of more than 370 member organizations.


“My experience allows me to effectively advocate and explain to policymakers the impact of regulations on businesses, and by extension to Main Street.  Sometimes finance terms can sound more complicated than they are, being able to explain a seemingly complex concept using real experiences makes communication more effective. Ensuring policymakers understand the impacts of policy on American businesses and households is so important,” Jen shares.


As head of CFO strategic initiatives in 2018, she led the immediately successful effort to bring in $2.2 million in savings in her first 18 months. She also renegotiated a library of hedging contracts resulting in a $120 million increase in daily liquidity.


Jen credits her innate creativity and analytical mind to solving myriad challenges. “I see everything like a puzzle—it all comes with creative solutions,” she says. “I love being able to leverage my existing experiences and see the tangible impact of my work,” she says. “No matter my role, my eye is on continuous improvement – reduce the risks and find cost savings.”


Jen Earyes

Head of Policy and Managing Director — Structured Finance Association


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