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Jennifer Jancosek


What are your primarily responsibilities?

I am the founder and main attorney of Jancosek Law. I oversee operations, manage our employees, and assist clients with estate planning.

What areas does the firm focus on?

Our main focus, and the area I’m most passionate about, is estate planning. I do some probate as well, but my main focus is estate planning—protecting people with a plan that is unique to their family and assets. I’ve practiced in several areas during my 10+ years in the legal field, but I’ve found helping my estate planning clients to be the most rewarding.  I went to law school in Chicago, where I began in criminal law, working at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.  After realizing I didn’t want to pursue a career in government, I moved to Los Angeles to work for a medium-sized firm doing estate planning, family law, and business law. Since estate planning has always been a passion of mine, I soon decided to make it my focus, by starting a firm of my own.

Why did you start your own firm?

I’m from an old-fashioned Midwestern family, and I’ve been working since the age of 14.  My dad, a successful engineer, instilled a strong work ethic from an early age.  When I moved to California, I was helping my employer grow their firm, but found my own capabilities limited by the processes that had already been put in place. I had significant experience in the workforce, and I didn’t want to be held back by following law firm traditions that resulted in a lackluster client experience; I wanted to provide the best legal services possible, according to my own terms, and so I set out to start my own firm. Now, I have control over my process, and part of my policy is to respond to every client within 48 hours. I have brought on a law clerk and team of administrative assistants who share my vision, and our goal is to bring “Effortless Estate Planning” to everyone across the state of California.

You offer your clients virtual and mobile services. Tell us how this works.

With estate planning, there is always an assumption that we only work with the elderly, but that is not true. We do work with a lot of retirees, but we also work with health care workers, law enforcement, new parents, veterans, scientists, etc. I was always told that virtual services wouldn’t work, but I was determined to find a way.  People generally don’t want to give out private information without getting to know someone first, even if it’s their attorney. On the other hand, due to ethical concerns, the most important thing for me is a face-to-face meeting, so that I can ensure a person has the legal competency required before signing a will, trust, or other legal document.  By using widely-available video chat systems, I can maximize the number of clients I can meet in a week, while making it an effortless process for them. This allows people to schedule time with me around their own schedules, and gives them a chance to get comfortable with our team before providing personal information. Some people also work odd hours, such as healthcare and security workers, and they still deserve the same level of service. By using these video meetings, our clients receive the same experience of meeting an attorney, but from the comfort of their own home.  This allows them to easily get the process started, regardless of their schedule.

In addition to our virtual services across the State of California, we also serve the local Los Angeles community with mobile services.  While we don’t currently have the capacity to serve the entire State of California, our mobile services are geared toward those with mobility issues or a lack of computer access. When a virtual meeting isn’t an option, we are happy to bring the office to our clients, to ensure that everyone has access to an effortless estate plan.

What makes you, as an attorney, unique from your legal peers?

First, what I do is different from my peers in that I have a unique background, being a Midwest transplant living in Los Angeles.  I have a personable, Midwestern attitude, that drives me to provide exceptional customer service, while being savvy and leveraging technology to drive our office forward. By providing great customer service, availability, and making people comfortable, I’m able to build trust with my clients so that we can work together to develop a strategy that is best for their family and property.

Second, I am always looking to make improvements. I want my clients to feel comfortable with me, rather than just treating them as a number. We do a lot of surveys and feedback requests, and I’m always willing to take the time to answer questions and help people through difficult decisions.  I am in this field to help people, and I am with my clients through every step of their estate planning journey.

Will you share some of the charitable causes you’re involved with?

I have taken part in the L.A. Reading Partners program, where I read to children at Wilshire Crest Middle School who were testing below the target reading scores for their age.  I am also a member of the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, taking part in charitable opportunities across the city of Los Angeles, and I have donated time to the Los Angeles County Bar Associations domestic violence clinic.


Jennifer Jancosek

Founder — Jancosek Law



Instagram: @jancoseklaw

Twitter: @jjancosek

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