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Jennifer and Lisa appear in the
Top 100 Attorneys magazine.

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For over two decades, attorneys Jennifer Snider and Lisa Turpin have been driven by a singular goal—to fight for those who need it most. They are at once fierce protectors, guardians of justice, and compassionate advocates. And there’s nothing they won’t do for their clients.

As two extraordinary legal minds with New York City-based Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky, Jennifer, who serves as a partner, and Lisa, a supervising partner, are the very embodiment of the firm’s unwavering pledge to help victims of serious personal injury. “We take the cases that other firms won’t because our entire team of attorneys knows that we’re fighting for something that’s bigger than the monetary award. We’re fighting for justice and the restoration of livelihoods,” says Lisa. To accomplish this takes more than skill, experience, and the vast amount of knowledge nestled in the books of a legal library. It takes passion and empathy and an immeasurable love of humanity. This is Jennifer and Lisa, two remarkable leaders on a mission to create brighter futures for their clients while nurturing the firm’s growing team of lawyers.

The Top 100 Magazine spoke with them to learn more about their work, what drives them—and one surprising passion project.

Jennifer R. Snider, Esq.

Jennifer joined the firm as an associate attorney in 2005, just after passing the bars in both New York and New Jersey. She specializes in representing people injured in motor vehicle accidents, slips-trips-falls, school assaults, police brutality and construction cases. In addition, she oversees the legal writing department, mentors’ staff, and trains attorneys throughout three offices in NYC, Long Island, and Puerto Rico. Yet, despite her breadth of responsibilities, Jennifer’s clients always have direct access to her. She’s been instrumental in changing threshold law in favor of plaintiffs, holding entire school districts legally responsible for student bullying and helped file claims against the Boys Scouts of America.


Jennifer, why did you choose to personal injury law?

I always wanted to be an attorney, and I fell in love with the law on my first day in practice. I want my clients to be well compensated, but more than that, I want to improve lives on a larger scale.  Many times clients just need to know that someone is on their side, understands what they are going through and will fight for them. I’m motivated to use the law in an individual case to help effectuate changes that benefit society as a whole. If I believe in something or someone, I am relentless. 

What do you enjoy most about your work?


My passion is taking on cases that most attorneys would reject due to their complexity and uncertainty. My job is to really listen to my clients, to fully understand the facts of their individual case and not be judgmental. Those individual facts, that a lot of attorneys don’t take the time to really listen to, are what helps me win cases. I’ve met some really interesting people, at one of the most vulnerable times of their life, who I have been fortunate enough to help.

Tell us about your passion project, Beyond the Dream Entertainment.

I have always loved music, so I jumped at the chance to do something outside of the legal field when the opportunity to work with Slick Naim presented itself.  Slick is a talented director, whose passion is music.

So, I saw the parallel, two people who are successful in one career understand we can achieve whatever we set our minds to with hard work and determination.  Since we’ve partnered together for his music- we have put out an album, “Came for It All, seven (7) music videos and his popularity and success has been on the rise. 

Jennifer is a graduate of Tulane University and Temple University School of Law and is a member of their International Alumni Association, as well as the New York State Lawyers Association.  

Lisa M. Turpin, Esq.

As supervising partner with over 20 years of experience, Lisa is responsible for hiring and training attorneys for the entire firm, delegating casework to her team of 20, and, of course, representing personal injury clients. She joined the firm in 2001 as an associate and accepted her current role in 2009. Driven by her passion for defending those who turn to her for justice and guidance, Lisa never shies away from a challenge. Whether she is in the courtroom defending a client or mentoring a young attorney in the office, she thrives on the intrinsic reward of knowing she’s made a positive impact. As a natural leader and effector of change, Lisa has set her sights on accomplishing dual missions—to eradicate bullying and support the attorneys under her care.

Lisa, why did you choose to personal injury law?

I wanted to be an attorney since I was six years old. While in law school, I hadn’t thought about specializing in this area, but when I graduated, my first job just happened to be with a personal injury firm, and I fell in love with it.  To see that I’ve helped someone who is injured and in a dark place in their life, that’s my greater reward.


You’re especially passionate about bullying cases. Was there a particular moment when you felt compelled to focus on it?  


It wasn’t a single case, per se. I’ve always been opposed to intimidation, especially with children. I’m very invested in all my cases, but these are a particular passion of mine because the outcome extends beyond the client, to all of humanity. When I see a child who is scared to go to school or becomes withdrawn because they were bullied, I feel compelled to intervene. Children have an inalienable right to feel secure, whether that’s in school, online, or in their community. I’m determined to not only help these kids, but to eradicate this epidemic—one case, one client, one bully at a time.


You place a tremendous emphasis on teaching and nurturing your staff and attorneys. Does your desire stem from your own experiences and challenges early in your career?   


I think in some sense, it does. I started at the bottom with no connections and no inside track, but I had a great mentor. It was through hard work, determination, and perseverance that my career progressed. I try to do the same for my attorneys and staff, and I pride myself on being fair and dealing with all of them in the same manner.


Lisa attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, obtaining a double major in sociology and psychology, and a minor in criminology and law. She received her JD from Brooklyn Law School.   



Jennifer R. Snider, Esq.: Partner, Attorney
Lisa M. Turpin, Esq.: Supervising Partner, Attorney

Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky




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