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Jenny Ellul

Jenny Ellul specializes in the long-term success of her clients and investors by developing strategic solutions and partnerships that focus on growth and profitability.   As a commensurate real estate professional, she has a strong background in real estate finance, capital management and placement, syndication, joint ventures and asset arbitrage.

Jenny is the owner and managing director of Duke Capital Advisors, a commercial real estate firm that primarily focuses on commercial lending and investment strategy. The firm provides funding for real estate assets with in-house funds as well as bank, institutional, private and government programs to offer their clients the funding they need to purchase properties including multi family, fix and flips, single family, retail and more.

Duke Capital Advisors also specializes in joint venture equity for improved property and land development projects for investors who cannot readily access capital from traditional banking sources. Jenny adds, “My company has the proven ability to structure simple and complex real estate transactions for real estate sponsors both at the fund level and at the individual asset level across the capital spectrum to minimize dilution and optimize the capital structure.” These solutions often involve a combination of debt and equity and the team at Duke Capital Advisors strategically targets a specific group of investors- either private or institutional - and organizes meetings that effectively maximize the sponsor’s time.

Jenny decided to build her business to better assist her clients and explains, “The biggest challenges that my clients had was finding inventory (property).  We focused on obtaining these properties for our clients, which has resulted in terrific growth for the business.”

Jenny adds that they focus primarily on properties that are community initiative programs – community stabilization, mostly national non for profits. They pass these properties along to vetted investors who then renovate the properties using local contractors, plumbers and local workers. After the properties are rehabilitated, they are marketed to interested homeowners or renters with the goal of revitalizing the community and neighborhood as Jenny has a true belief that “Real estate is community.”

Jenny has over thirteen years of experience in lending and real estate, focusing the past six years on commercial financing and joint ventures. She is an expert at what she does and plans to continue to grow her business by offering key financial partnerships and rehabilitating properties throughout the Chicago area.



Jenny Ellul

Owner and Managing Director

Duke Capital Advisors

1658 N Milwaukee Ave #100-6155

Chicago, IL 60641

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