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Jenny Lauck

A multifaceted approach and multilateral experience are a must for success in the highly competitive field of real estate. That is exactly what Jenny Lauck and her partner-husband Tony have.


Jenny has acquired years of diverse experience, and Tony, born and raised in Indianapolis, was a custom home builder and construction manager for over 40 years, has expert knowledge of property valuation. The husband-and-wife team founded Lauck Real Estate Services in 2019 and have since recorded more than $60 million dollars in sales and provided reliable, five-star service throughout Central Indiana.


Since moving from Ecuador 21 years ago, Jenny, who was formerly a leader in education, held numerous roles, successively advancing to her present position as a real estate dynamo. From waitress to teaching Spanish, to auto sales, banking, and obtaining her license to sell insurance, one variable has remained constant—her desire to nurture, help, and astound people. 


Today, all of Jenny’s energy is applied to three goals—educating her clients on the home-buying process, helping them prepare financially for the purchase, and serving as a guide for them throughout the entire procedure, until they are nestled comfortably in their new home. In complement of those objectives, she maintains valuable relationships with lenders and other professionals so that she can also assist with credit, refinancing, taxes, and insurance, often going well beyond the traditional scope of the average agent. “My entire life’s work has been educating the community where I live, and I love to network with professionals and cultivate the relationships I’ve already established,” she says.


Jenny’s unquestionable passion for helping and educating others isn’t limited to the scope of real estate. She is the Executive Director of Latino Community Development, Corp., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that distributes toys, food, and other services during the Christmas season. Jenny was the sole owner of a 400-student Ecuadorian K-12 school for 18 years before coming to the USA. Making dreams come true is undeniably Jenny’s passion. “That I’ve made a difference in people’s lives is what drives me,” she shares. And, without question, her many satisfied clients would agree.


Jenny holds a master’s degree in education and has received numerous formal accolades for her contributions to the Latino community.


Jenny Lauck

Owner, Realtor — Lauck Real Estate Services


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