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Jereis Khawaja

For 15 years, Jereis Khawaja worked up the ladder at a billion-dollar company in the oil and gas industry, from entry-level to vice president of global sales, until he decided to follow his passion of smoking meat. In the digital age, he realized a huge opportunity to disrupt the BBQ industry. Access to Texas BBQ was very limited to consumers across the USA, and his calling was to close the gap.

In 2020, Jereis took a leap of faith and started Truboy BBQ to provide an authentic Texas barbecue experience for everyone to enjoy in the comfort of their home. This fully e-commerce company draws its delicious products from Jereis’ own expertise in smoking meat over the years. Growing ~400% in 2021 and projected ~500% growth this year, Truboy now ships high-quality smoked meat, including halal options, delivered right to the doorsteps of people across the U.S. and Canada in just two days. This is made possible through a carefully designed chilling and packaging process that keeps the meat fresh and flavorful, all delivered in reusable materials. And it’s clear that consumers across North America are gobbling it up and asking for more.

Besides the explosive growth, Truboy BBQ was named one of FedEx’s Top 100 Small Businesses in 2022.  They also partner with charitable organizations benefiting children’s education and cancer research. Jereis’ love for food shines through every bite. “Eating has always been social for me, so sharing my BBQ with people has been truly rewarding,” he says.


Jereis Khawaja

Founder & Owner — TruBoy BBQ


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