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Jeremy and Jennifer appear in the Top 100 People in Real Estate magazine.

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Jeremy and Jennifer Perkins

Jeremy Perkins began his real estate journey right out of high school when he started framing houses and buying property in the community he still lives and works in. Jennifer began hers over a decade ago, after having returned stateside from working overseas for the military. They are now full-time investors and developers, who have dedicated countless hours to real estate investment, development, education, and mentorship, as well as masterminds. In 2018, Jennifer and her husband, Jeremy, founded Rubix Investment Group in Tennessee, a real estate investment firm that specializes in land development, residential construction, and self-storage facility development, and acquisitions. Together, they offer a brilliant combination of left- and right-brain thinking, perfectly balanced in total equilibrium to create a unique approach that’s become one of their trademarks—and the foundation of their success.

While Jennifer is the engineer with an analytic mind, Jeremy is the visionary and implementer with over 20 years’ experience as a commercial and residential builder, handling everything from pool and home building to renovations, and commercial-residential development. He is proficient in creative finance structure, creative deal structure, and oversees construction and project management along with investor relations, while Jennifer sources leads and underwrites them to determine if a deal exists or can be created. Where some see a trailer park, they see a self-storage facility and an investment opportunity. Three years ago, the power couple opened Synergy Storage, which spans seven acres with 224 spaces and 25 spots for boat and RV parking. It’s been stabilized for the last two years, and is currently in “phase two,” which includes an additional 300 units and 68 parking spaces. “We’re bringing the same quality we’re known for with our residential properties to self-storage and turning ugly facilities into something more beautiful, modern, and inviting,” Jennifer shares. And as the winners of the Main Street Award for Best Self-Storage Facility, there is no question as to their flawless execution.

Known for creating wealth through value-add development and redevelopment opportunities using their signature “highest and best use” strategy, the firm does no formal marketing, but instead garners business the old-fashion way—through word-of-mouth from their well-connected network of professionals in the investment and real estate community. Long before embarking on their latest venture, Jennifer and Jeremy had already developed a number of properties together and it’s safe to say they’ve got it down to a science. They’ve worked with hundreds of investors, including doctors, lawyers, and busy professionals who want to grow their money faster than with a 401(k) plan, but don’t have the time to invest in real estate themselves—and they’re reaping the benefits of their partnerships, with some doubling their returns in six months to a year, while others have received a fixed-interest rate based on their required returns. “We listen to their individual needs and design an investment strategy to meet their goals,” Jennifer explains.

The Top 100 Magazine spoke with Jennifer to learn more about their thriving company, and the self-storage bonanza.

Let’s start from the beginning. Why did you choose to focus primarily on land development, and self-storage facility development and acquisition?

Jennifer: I’ve always been really passionate about land and real estate, and I love being involved in projects rather than just working a 9-5, and my husband is someone who’s always been self-employed, so this was second nature to him as well. We’d seen a lot of interest from investors wanting to get involved with our self-storage projects, not only because it’s a historically stable, lucrative investment, but because of our history of successful developments in this space. When it comes to assets, security is something that’s high on everyone’s priority list, and self-storage is a very resilient asset that has historically done well in the good times as well as the bad. It’s also much more passive than other real estate investment assets and it builds equity over time, unlike other properties such as restaurant and entertainment venues, the value of which can swing widely, as we recently saw with the pandemic.

Jeremy: I have always had a passion for building, design and bringing creative visions to reality as well as bringing value to our community and fellow investors. Through land development we are able to change lives and bring value to everyone around us. We strive to be the best in the business and are always finding ways to be better. Our mission is to provide what the community demands while providing superior value and the highest quality of construction. Through self-storage development and acquisitions, we are able to provide a secure investment, cash flow, and an incredible return on investment not only for our businesses family and children, but also our fellow investors and their families.

What makes Rubix Investment Group different from other real estate investment firms?

Jeremy: We’re focused on elevating people and places, as opposed to cranking out turnkey, cookie-cutter products over and over again. We leverage our combined experience to deliver the best-quality properties and better returns and find ways to create massive value, which translates into money for our investors by both providing a great return on investment, and improving the areas in which our properties are located.

Jennifer: And we’re able to handle everything in house, from site acquisition to development, rather than having to outsource the work to other firms or vendors, which allows us to ensure that the high quality that we demand is then reflected in our properties. We work to find the best fit for the area, community, and investor, which enables our ability to produce the best solutions for everybody.

What do you enjoy most about your work, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Definitely the problem-solving aspect of it. I enjoy taking the complex real estate issues that most people abandon because they’re too difficult, and being able to find solutions because there’s actually a lot of value in complexity. We’re really passionate about what we do, and we love doing it together.

Jennifer is a licensed realtor with a master’s in business administration and a recipient of the Department of the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service.


Jeremy is a licensed general contractor and leads a mastermind for entrepreneurs and real estate professionals called Collab. They have been featured in The Nashville Investor and Mini Storage Messenger as well as many podcasts.

Jennifer Perkins

Co-Founder — Rubix Investment Group, LLC

Facebook: jennifer37029

Instagram: jenniferperkinsrubix

TikTok: jenniferperkinsrubix

LinkedIn:  jennifer-perkins


Jeremy Perkins

Co-Founder - Rubix Investment Group, LLC

Facebook: jeremy.perkins.39

Instagram: jeremyperkins_rubix

Linkedin: jeremy-perkins




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