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Jerremy Newsome


Jerremy Newsome is a best-selling author and sought-after public speaker focused on transforming minds. He’s also the voice behind the global podcast Broke to Woke. As CEO of Real Life Trading, Jerremy helms a global stock market education company on a mission is to enrich lives through teaching people how to trade in the stock market for financial freedom. “We had one member who was diagnosed with cancer and didn’t have money for medical care,” he states. “She was able to start using the money she made from trading to pay for her cancer treatments.”


With special emphasis in the areas of stocks, trading, and cryptocurrency, Real Life Trading offers on-demand courses geared toward teaching thoughts and beliefs around money. “People have to become profitable in all aspects of life,” Jerremy shares. “Our real focus is on the all-encompassing awareness required to create true growth and wealth, which is monetary and also internal.” In further pursuit of the company’s mission and overarching desire to give back to the community, Jerremy also founded the organization’s philanthropic endeavor, Real Life Foundation, which has raised money for cancer research, the fight against human trafficking, and building schools in Honduras. “It’s not just about teaching people how to place stock trades, it’s about overall life success,” he states.


Jerremy is a husband, father, and brother who shares two sons with his wife, Svetlana: Gabriel, and Json.


Jerremy Newsome

CEO — Real Life Trading



Facebook: Jerremy Newsome

Instagram: JerremyNewsome

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