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Jet Carter


Simplifying the financial picture for people is the overarching mission of Griffin Financial Group partner and advisor, Jet Carter. Located in Austin, the firm is focused on investment management as well as legacy, education, retirement, and wealth planning. The company has historically served many retirees or near retirement clients. Jet has broadened the firms focus to working with more millennial business owners and executives using wealth accumulation and protection strategies and leading with financial education. As a young African-American, Jet has shifted his focus to intentionally working with more Black, Latino, and minority business owners and executives with a clear goal of raising the financial literacy and wealth building in minority communities. Griffin Financial Group’s deep customer base of families and individuals includes many second- and third-generation clients, which is a testament to the community-focused firm’s success.


As someone who started out on the service side of the business, Jet has spent his entire career building and sustaining relationships, including that with his former client-turned-partner, Kitt Griffin. The fellow Texan brought Jet on board to help launch GFG into the future. In just four short years together, the business has since doubled as they have become more technologically centric and service-focused under Jet’s guidance. However, the part that he loves most is helping people. “A lot of people don’t focus on finance, but it’s really all we do with our lives—work for our money,” he states. "I like to help money work for the people.”


Jet holds FINRA licenses and is a CFP.


Jet Carter

Partner & Advisor — Griffin Financial Group




Instagram: Jetwcarter

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