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Jim Moore

International financial expert and entrepreneur, Jim Moore, runs WingSpan Holdings, LLC while helping other companies obtain funding and maximize their businesses. He is frequently recognized for his ethical, candid approach in business. As a former international banker, he has managed businesses, employees, and complex deals across 137 countries and is well known for delivering client-focused solutions. While a senior executive at several large financial institutions, Jim led teams across an array of verticals, processing trillions of dollars annually. As further testament of his expertise, he has been published in Information Week Magazine, served on several boards of directors, assisted federal law enforcement, and completed a multi-year speaking circuit on international finance and technology. Jim was also selected to receive the prestigious Client Focused Leader of the Year Award.

Jim is a military veteran. He has been a private pilot for more than 30 years. He left the corporate business world and founded WingSpan Business Investments and WingSpan Holdings, LLC, near Phoenix, Arizona. WingSpan and its subsidiary companies develop airport properties with high-end aviation hangar/office space structures and next generation sky ports for electric, vertical-flight aircraft. In addition to his role as CEO of these entities, Jim is part of the management team that invests in international property development, alternative energies, and bio-tech opportunities.

Additionally, WingSpan arranges international and domestic funding for high-potential startups and expansions. Jim draws on 35 years of experience and considers the company’s potential, strategy, and the strength of its management team. Deal sizes range from $5M to $1B, with most funding packages above $250M, which also allows for larger, more attractive alternatives to traditional debt and equity vehicles. 

Whether acting on behalf of his own companies, or working on vertical investment projects, Jim has been successful in supplying next generation aviation properties and products, obtaining funding, infusing capital into promising startups, and allocating profits into complex international ventures. Thus far, his funding targets include large-scale property development, transportation, quantum physics-based future technologies, anti-cybercrime, humanitarian efforts, renewable energies, and healthcare, but he remains focused on promising ventures across all industries. “It’s truly rewarding to meet with high-performing companies that are focused on bringing exciting solutions to the world, creating jobs, and making a positive economic impact on their communities,” says Jim. “I consider it a privilege to help these businesses achieve their goals.”

Jim holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Computer Science, and a Bachelor of International Business. He has also earned engineering certifications in computer sciences and security quantum computing


Jim Moore 
Managing Principal
WingSpan Business Investments

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