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Jodi appears in the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine.

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Jodi Bryant

Jodi Bryant is the founder, executive director, and clinical supervisor at LifeChange Coaching, Counselling & Consulting Inc. With a career spanning decades, Jodi's journey in the public sector has been marked by her dedication to education and counseling.

Jodi's passion for teaching and counselling was evident from a young age, and her dream since the age of 9 was to become a teacher and help students affected by childhood trauma. Her dedication and commitment led her to receive the coveted President’s Entrance Scholarship, opening the doors to her teaching career. She earned a Bachelor of Education degree with a focus on psychology and music, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Recognizing the need for deeper healing and personal development in individuals, Jodi transitioned into the role of an executive coach. However, her thirst for knowledge and a genuine desire to help people on a holistic level led her to pursue a master's degree in counselling psychology. Her work was published. This academic pursuit equipped her with the tools to address the body, soul, and spirit, enabling her to offer comprehensive support to those in need. Additionally, Jodi's commitment to her spiritual journey led her to achieve excellence in ordination, a significant accomplishment that took years of dedication and study.

Jodi's credentials include being a Certified Executive Life Coach and a Certified Coach Practitioner, showcasing her expertise in coaching and counselling. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in pastoral ministry and is a Certified Professional Counsellor/Supervisor, further underscoring her commitment to helping individuals on their healing journey.

Under Jodi's leadership, LifeChange has thrived. What started as a volunteer coaching initiative has grown into a successful enterprise, achieving six-figure revenue over the years. Jodi's dedication to education, speaking engagements, and sharing her knowledge and gifts has made a positive impact on countless lives. She firmly believes in using her talents to bring hope, encouragement, and restoration to those she serves.

LifeChange Coaching, Counselling & Consulting Inc. was established in 2008 in Saskatoon. Operating from their own residence, which is an Approved Mental Health and Addictions home, they provide a unique environment where they live with five patients/residents. The organization collaborates with churches, communities, clinics, businesses, colleges, and organizations to offer professional counselling, certified coaching, and clinical supervision services. Notably, LifeChange contributes to various community initiatives, including their own charity.

LifeChange services are entirely referral-based, and their charity operates on a volunteer basis, with no one making a profit. With a dedicated team of 50+ volunteers, many of whom have overcome their own challenges, they provide vital support for individuals dealing with issues such as alcoholism, chemical dependency, abuse, eating disorders, sexual issues, trauma, childhood adversity, divorce, grief, and various spiritual, mental, and emotional concerns. They extend their support to individuals, families, couples, groups, youth, and children.

Jodi's recent partnership with Josephine Rwankuba reflects her commitment to expanding the reach of LifeChange. She has found a trusted collaborator who shares her vision of helping people achieve holistic health: body, soul, and spirit. Jodi continues to be an influencer, a servant leader, and a lifelong learner, dedicating her life to making a difference in the lives of others through education, counselling, and coaching.

Jodi Bryant
Founder, Executive Director, Clinical Supervisor
LifeChange Coaching, Counselling & Consulting

Josephine Rwankuba

Josephine Rwankuba is a partner at LifeChange Coaching, Counselling & Consulting Inc., bringing a wealth of experience and a diverse background to the company. Originally from Congo, Africa, Josephine spent ten years serving as a human resources director before making the move to Canada 22 years ago.

Josephine's journey with LifeChange began as a practicum under the supervision of Jodi Bryant. During this six-month period, Jodi recognized Josephine's potential and offered her the opportunity to become a partner in the company. Jodi's work as both a counsellor and a reverend has been a constant source of inspiration for Josephine.

At LifeChange, Josephine plays a pivotal role in counseling and facilitating a grief share group, one of the vital aspects of the charitable organization. Her responsibilities extend beyond mental health, drawing from her extensive experience in women's leadership ministry. Josephine leads sessions for both men and women going through the process of recovery from addiction, offering them guidance and support.

Josephine's presence brings diversity to the company, a crucial factor in serving the growing population of immigrants, particularly from Africa. She understands the need for a safe space for clients to share their issues and approaches this aspect with a well-thought-out strategy.

Josephine is uniquely positioned to cater to clients from various backgrounds, given her rich life experiences and multicultural background. Having lived in different countries before settling in Canada, Josephine has been exposed to diverse cultures, fostering an appreciation for the richness of human diversity. Fluent in multiple languages, including French, English, Swahili, and Lingala, Josephine can connect with clients from a wide range of linguistic backgrounds, further enhancing her ability to provide effective counselling.

Josephine's past roles include working alongside her husband, a medical doctor, in his practice for a decade. This experience allowed her to witness firsthand the mental struggles of some patients, underscoring the need for accessible mental healthcare providers. Josephine is dedicated to contributing to the healthcare system as a counselor, recognizing the importance of mental health support.

Josephine's professional journey also includes achievements such as being one of the top staff for implementing the Eden Philosophy in long-term care facilities, advocating for the dignity of elderly individuals. She managed a walk-in clinic with six doctors and twenty staff, honing her skills in hiring and team management. Additionally, her leadership within women's groups at her local church has led to transformations in countless lives.

Josephine is also an accomplished author, who recently completed the book, Courage, Change & Faith, with a group of women. This book, available on Amazon, shares their immigrant experiences and aims to inspire the next generation. She also serves as the director of the non-profit organization Global Empowerment Initiative for Women Inc., which has been supporting women and girls for the past four years. Furthermore, Josephine is a board member of Conseil Economique et Cooperatif de la Saskatchewan, a French organization dedicated to supporting small businesses in Saskatchewan's French-speaking population. She is also an active member of her local church's board.


Josephine's educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Institut Superieur de Commerce in Kinshasa, Congo, and she is currently completing a Master of Arts in clinical pastoral counselling this spring. Additionally, she is a Certified Personal Support Worker, rounding out her qualifications in the field of counselling.


Josephine Rwankuba

LifeChange Coaching, Counselling & Consulting

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