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Jody appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Jody Edgar


Problem-solver, strategist, educator, and coach are just a few of the many roles held by Sunbowl’s founder and CEO, Jody Edgar. Acquired in 2003, the Vancouver-based business helps small- and medium-sized companies increase their e-commerce revenue. “We typically work with merchants that have either reached the extent of their own personal knowledge or have run out of bandwidth to move their business forward,” he explains. With a unique business model that aligns incentives for clients and creative experts working on projects, the professional services firm completes over 500 assignments annually. “One of the things we really identify with is building a business,” Jody states. “It can be difficult, and in order to be successful, you need people around you who are able to execute on each individual area, which is really where we come in.”


As a lifelong entrepreneur specializing in compassion through user experience and engineering, Jody started his first company at just eight years old. “I’ve never been someone who’s been held back by fear. If anything, I’m actually more drawn toward it,” he states. “I’ve just always liked the idea of taking risks and then being able to reap the rewards. It’s exciting.” Driven by a deep-rooted desire to succeed against all odds, Jody is known for doing things his own way. “Having the freedom to come up with an idea, test it, and then iterate without any of the traditional roadblocks in place is really what I enjoy most,” he shares.


Jody Edgar

Founder & CEO — SunBowl





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