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Jody Trapasso

The White House. Presidential campaigns. C-suite executive. Global law firms. Angel investor. Board member. Charitable foundation. Community partnerships. Advisor to the International Olympic Committee.


Jody Trapasso’s 30-year career has spanned them all. That’s why one client calls Jody “Renaissance Man.”


He co-founded New Paradigm Agency, a cutting-edge public affairs and advertising firm that is an innovator in combining traditional public affairs with disruptive data and digital techniques on important policy and social issues. Senior executives turn to Jody as a trusted advisor on environmental, social, and governance matters. His success combines vision and focus. “Success comes from simultaneously understanding where things need to be six months from now and six hours from now,” Jody says. “And never confusing motion with progress.”


Believing today’s challenges can be solved by innovation, Jody is an angel investor in and informal advisor to disruptive early-stage companies bringing transformational change to pressing social needs such as Veda Data Solutions, which is revolutionizing the health care data market.  


Board service is also how Jody drives dynamic change. He serves on the board of advisors of the Seton Hall University School of Diplomacy and International Relations, which trains the next generation of diplomats, global philanthropists, and business leaders. President Clinton appointed Jody to an advisory board that assessed the impact of international trade on U.S. communities.


Strengthening communities is a hallmark of Jody’s career. He created a ground-breaking corporate volunteer program and built community partnerships to address food security, urban revitalization, environmental justice, and increased access to higher education. Jody was one of 11,500 everyday American heroes selected to participate in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Torch relay based on their community service. Jody’s sense of community comes from his father, who rallied a small town against impossible odds to build a new community house, which nearly 60 years later remains the center of activity in town. “My father inspired people to build rather than tear down. That’s a lesson for these polarized times,” Jody says. “Choosing community over division is how we rebuild the strength of our nation one neighborhood at a time.”



Jody Trapasso

Co-Founder & Partner — New Paradigm Agency