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Joe Yeager

In the realm of tech entrepreneurship, where innovation is the currency and resilience the backbone, Joe Yeager is illuminating the path toward success for startups and their founders. As the CEO and founder of Next Step Startup Advisory, Joe is more than a leader; he's a seasoned navigator, charting a course through the turbulent seas of startup challenges.

With a dedication to crafting exceptional software products that resonate with users, Joe's journey is a testament to the transformative power of vision, strategy, and unwavering commitment. Grounded in a customer-centric ethos, his approach embodies a holistic understanding of the intricate dance between product innovation and market dynamics.

A graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in computer science, Joe's entrepreneurial journey began early, fueled by an insatiable appetite for innovation and the adrenaline rush of the startup rollercoaster. From the outset, his mission was clear: to confront the pivotal challenges facing startups head-on, unraveling the mysteries of scalability, market penetration, and operational efficiency.

Throughout his career spanning nearly two decades in software startups, Joe has worn many hats, each imbued with a distinct blend of strategic vision and operational execution. From spearheading product development and engineering initiatives, to overcoming operational and customer success challenges, to orchestrating sales and marketing pipeline, his multifaceted expertise has been instrumental in steering 3 startups to successful exits.

Now, Joe harnesses his wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide others along the familiar path he's traversed.

Founded in 2023 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Next Step Startup Advisory stands as a lifeline for founders, stilling the tumultuous waters of startup uncertainty. With a laser focus on assisting founders from pre-revenue infancy to $20 million and beyond milestones, the company serves as a trusted partner, providing sage advice, strategic guidance, and unwavering support.

Unveiling the catalyst behind Next Step Startup Advisory: A conversation with Joe Yeager

Joe, what inspired you to start the company?

It all started from casual coffee conversations with founders. Many founders transition from lucrative careers to pursue their startup dreams, but they often find themselves in uncharted territory and in need of guidance and support. What began as simple coffee often evolved into drawings on napkins, then whiteboarding sessions, and onto lengthy conversations spanning hours. This process revealed a glaring gap in the startup ecosystem—an unmet need for advice, consulting, or coaching geared specifically for founders. There are great advisory and mentor programs available, but these are typically designed as quick conversations and can fall short when the founder needs a few levels deeper. Thus, the inception of Next Step Startup Advisory was born out of a desire to fulfill this need. We still lead with these coffee conversations and offer as much free initial help and support as possible and see where it takes us from there.

What separates you or makes you unique?

I believe my background sets me apart - having spent so much time in tech start-ups and leading teams across almost every department, I’ve had to overcome a wide share of challenges from one-person ventures to 300+ person enterprises. This has honed my strategy and execution skills and I've built a complex toolbox that I can draw from when helping founders through every phase of their journey.

In terms of approach, my philosophy revolves around prioritizing the customer. Understanding these individuals and the tasks they aim to accomplish sheds light on how our software or technology can enhance their productivity. By deeply contemplating this perspective, we uncover our value proposition, refine our features, and craft a targeted go-to-market strategy. Everything cascades from this customer-centric core, guiding us towards addressing their needs and finding the right solutions.

In addition, recognizing the financial constraints faced by startups, we've developed an approach that blends expertise with budget-consciousness. Not every startup is ready to onboard a full-time expert, yet they crave seasoned guidance, so we strike a balance by offering tailored services.

What is the most common or biggest challenge startup founders face?

The quest for the next step. It’s about identifying that immediate next step, rather than getting lost in the maze of future possibilities. Founders are visionaries and think 10 steps ahead with a few options to pursue on the table at any given time. Plus, they are tempted to explore all paths simultaneously.

Our role is to guide them towards clarity by helping them discern the most promising route. We assist in identifying the initial hill to conquer, paving the way for subsequent milestones that ultimately lead to market domination.

You have a remarkable record of helping startups succeed, some with spectacular exits. To what do you attribute your success?

Success in the startup realm hinges on many factors. At the core, it’s understanding the market dynamics and creating a great product that people love to use every day, but to do that, you need to have grit, ruthlessly prioritize, and execute.

I've found that execution is fundamentally a people-driven endeavor. It's about fostering a culture of ownership, collaboration, and motivation. Then recognizing that each team member is not just a resource, but a person with their own life outside of work is crucial. As a father of three young children, I understand the delicate balance between family and business commitments. Life inevitably presents its challenges, and it's essential to accommodate the ebbs and flows gracefully. Ultimately, it's about creating a supportive ecosystem where individuals feel valued, motivated, and empowered to bring their best selves to work each day.


Joe Yeager
Founder and CEO
Next Step Startup Advisory



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