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John Baird

From cueing the orchestra and keeping time to weaving individual musicians into a cohesive symphony, the role of a conductor is critical, much like in business, where a leader gracefully drives and orchestrates various teams on a unified mission. At Canadian-based Jackyl Consulting, that person is founder and managing partner John Baird. He’s a hands-on leader who works in and on the business as a part of the melody of a firm committed to helping companies digitally transform or modernize their IT organizations. Whether through data center consolidations, cloud migrations, infrastructure modernization, or process automation, they’re on a mission to help make their clients successful.

Many authors of an enterprise named as Canada’s Top Growing Companies (2021)® winner and America’s Fastest Growing Companies (2022)® winner, among others, might take the credit for their notable rise. However, John points to his team of experts and their skills, characters, and solution-driven mindsets. And he should know—he’s worked with many of them long before he launched the company seven years ago. "When I started Jackyl, I hired all these great people I’d worked with throughout my career, and it’s their talent and caliber that truly differentiate us from others,” he says. Today, this team of 135 is all cut from a similar cloth, operating with urgency and compassion, laser-focused on helping organizations thrive—and John works by their side as, in the words of his clients, he is a  “fearless Colonel who is in and out of the trenches leading his team through very complex business problems.” “It’s not about us, it’s about our customers, and building strong relationships based on a track record of outcomes that have made them successful,” he explains.

John’s humility is almost difficult to fathom, given his career trajectory from big banks to IBM, from complex network engineering roles to leadership positions, to the founder of an award-winning firm. “It was being in the right place at the right time, and a desire to help make meaningful difference for our clients,” he shares. John also extends his gratitude to associate partners (in alphabetical order), Charles Chai, Hena Deschenes, Jack Gong, and Deepak Sharma for helping to bring the company to life.

John Baird

Founder & Managing Partner — Jackyl Consulting Group


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