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John Brick

There is nothing John Brick can’t do for his clients at Kruse Asset Management in Chicago, a boutique registered investment advisor (RIA) offering comprehensive wealth planning and asset management services. He has more than a decade of experience in finance and asset management and a career marked by appearances on CNBC and features in Reuters and a host of other media. Now, as the chief investment officer for Kruse, he brings it all together to manage investment portfolios valued at nearly $100 million, helping them evolve so that clients can focus on the things they love to do without worry. He describes his work as being each client’s “personal CFO,” steering their finances in the best possible direction. “What I enjoy most is working closely with my clients, and learning about them and their goals, and then helping them develop a plan to realize the future that they envision,” John says.


John joined Kruse Asset Management at the start of 2021 and uses his expertise to help clients by making advantageous changes to their portfolios, keeping them abreast of market changes, and striking the best balance between risk and return. His uniquely broad background from working at a hedge fund, private equity funds, helping to run an RIA, and recently closing venture capital deals allows him to help people navigate tax law changes, stay ahead of the curve on estate planning, and take advantage of myriad investment options. In addition, John’s experience as a sell-side analyst, which saw him writing reports (Morningstar and Stephens Inc.) and meeting with company management teams, is something that helps him work with clients at Kruse. “I have a better ability to dial into the risk/reward metric given that experience, and I have an ability to enhance the risk profile,” he says. “This gives me the upper hand when I look at investment opportunities (mainly stocks) for my clients to consider. Having gotten into the deep analysis of companies required to write reports, I can see the minute details of not only a given company, but an industry.”


John has also developed a creative structured notes business after partnering with the high-profile Fintech platform, Halo Investing, a unique and powerful platform available to financial advisors. Utilizing Halo’s differentiated tools allows John to generate a targeted 10%+ income annually, and he’s one of the few advisors to offer the products, much to his clients’ benefit. “It’s the $3 trillion market opportunity no one's ever heard of and we’re taking full advantage via Halo,” he says. For fixed-income clients as well as equities, John handles asset management to yield enhanced returns for clients using his considerable expertise. In addition, his venture capital experience allows him to work with company clients, as well, and dig deep into a business’s strengths, needs, and goals. And when it comes to planning for the future, John has his individual clients covered, too, thanks to his estate planning services, which include tax planning, retirement planning, complex option strategies, alternative assets, venture capital insurance, and much more.


Despite all he knows and all he does, however, John prefers to stay humble. “I hate talking about myself.” he says. But his multifaceted, well-rounded background in finance speaks for itself—as do the thousands of clients he’s helped over the years—and he’s dedicated to bringing integrity, honesty, and sensitivity to every client. “I strive to bring trust and loyalty to all my jobs and responsibilities. In any client relationship, it is important to handle day-to-day things. When times are tough, being good with people and having empathy separates me from others,” he explains. “Taking all my skills and experience and using it to design a blueprint for someone’s future is what gets me out of bed every day. This is where my passion lies.”

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