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John Heiderscheidt

John Heiderscheidt is a lawyer who has been practicing criminal, immigration, technology, and business law for nearly a decade. He is based out of Chicago, Illinois. John is hyper-focused on providing excellent service to all of his clients but is most proud of the preventative law products he helped create.  

John provides preventative legal counseling through a unique membership plan that allows clients to talk to an attorney about anything for up to 30 minutes a month. Clients and John work through issues and plan ahead — thinking about legal issues before they occur. “So many times, people come to me after they’ve done something that needs to be addressed via expensive litigation. I worked together with some colleagues to help create a membership plan that is designed to use preventative law. We’ve already had some great success stories,” John says.

As the George Floyd riots exploded across Chicago, a membership client called John. The client was ready to protect his business with a loaded firearm. John talked through the situation with the client, ultimately convincing them to look at alternative routes of recourse in the event of business casualty loss. “This avoided a potentially serious criminal situation. It saved the client thousands in future legal fees. Preventative law is something everyone should consider as a tool for addressing legal issues,” he explains. “It can literally save you thousands and ward off so many problems before they even materialize.”

John started his career as a solo practitioner in 2010, specializing primarily in criminal law. Four years later, he transitioned to working as the chief compliance officer for MDI Access, Inc., a company focused primarily on designing, building, acquiring, and selling data center properties. “Data centers are like specialized housing units for computer equipment.” In this role, John was responsible for assisting in site selection, zoning, leasing, and insurance review. He also gained enormous exposure to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ripple during this time. John focuses extensively on legal issues related to cryptocurrency. “For example, if the IRS subpoenaed your Coinbase account to see if you avoided tax liability, or if the SEC accused you of securities violations, I would work with you to resolve those issues,” he explains.

Two years ago, John got the itch to go back in the courtroom, returning to his passion for representing clients in the legal areas that first drove him to be a lawyer. John is an advocate for major reform to the Controlled Substances Act. He specializes in the intersection of state criminal law and federal immigration law, understanding the consequences that flow from criminal convictions in civil immigration court. As most clients facing this intersection of law will tell you, that is no easy task.

John is licensed to practice in Illinois and the Eastern District of Wisconsin, he works primarily out of the North Eastern Illinois court system, including the state and federal courts, but serves clients on federal immigration matter across the country.


John Heiderscheidt

Attorney — Heiderscheidt Law Group, LLC


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