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John Hohmeier

Recognized among the only 2% of attorneys named by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star and among the less than 1% of lawyers chosen for America's Top 100 Civil Defense Litigators, John Hohmeier, the only senior trial and appellate counsel at Scarfone & Geen, PC, is on a mission to identify and combat fraudulent insurance claims that affect millions of Michigan businesses and consumers. 

Accidents happen. For example, someone pulls out in front of you and slams on the brakes, rear-ends you, or runs into your car in a parking lot.  But thousands of times a year, these “accidents” are part of carefully planned schemes by nefarious people who seek to exploit unwitting targets for financial gain. Insurance companies are then buried with the cost, the innocent victims are left with a mountain of medical bills, and the citizens of Detroit are burdened with the highest insurance rates in the country.  This is a pervasive issue that John cannot—and will not—abide.

“These fraudulent and solicited claims affect businesses and consumers at the most basic level because No Fault Insurance is mandatory in Michigan. There is something inherently wrong with passing the cost of these fraudulent claims onto consumers who have to buy insurance,” he says. “By protecting insurance companies from these claims, we are safeguarding consumers as well.” This is precisely what has fueled John for over a decade as a fierce litigator with an unwavering commitment to the clients he serves, representing both self-funded and national insurance companies and corporations. Recently, John negotiated a multimillion-dollar resolution of hundreds of outstanding claims between a Fortune 500 company and a litigious medical provider.

Scarfone & Geen is a premier civil defense firm in Michigan, representing insurance carriers in a variety of multifaceted matters including complex-fraud and multiple-claim cases. John joined the firm in 2012 and has not looked back. “I was fortunate – or unfortunate some would say – to have seen the ugly side of these scandals when I first got out of law school (when he was a plaintiff lawyer). Once I came here, I connected with the owners of the firm and knew this is what I wanted to do,”

While his legal expertise is well known, John also has a unique and invaluable talent: a deep understanding of human nature. For example, and while he was still in law school, John’s commentary on the interaction of emotion and brain chemistry with a person’s ability to recall veridical memories was published in the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review. This knowledge allows him to deploy forward-thinking defense, strategy, and evidentiary tactics to help his clients prevail. “People are complicated for sure, and they are crafty, but we’ve been able to predict the evolution and trajectory of a lot of these scams, which has benefited our client’s bottom line greatly.” While criminals might be getting smarter, most will find they’re no match for a fearless litigator driven to protect not only his clients, but his entire Detroit community.

John’s articles are published regularly in Michigan Defense Quarterly.

John Hohmeier

Senior Trial and Appellate Counsel, Scarfone & Geen, P.C.