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John Knorring

Not many kids count Warren Buffett among their idols, but John Knorring did. He always knew he wanted to go into finance, having been fascinated by the subject from a young age. His interest led him to an operations research and financial engineering degree from Princeton in 2003, then immediately into a 12-year career with Goldman Sachs, becoming a managing director and head of the U.S. natural gas trading business at just 30. In 2015, John pivoted to private trading company, DRW Commodities, dealing in a variety of commodity markets. Today, he is the founder and CEO of his own firm and incubator for new and underserved markets, Green Tiger Markets. “We have developed the Green Tiger Markets platform to facilitate cloud-based trading so that buyers and sellers of commodity products can easily hedge with one another across the world,” John explains. With the platform complete, John is excited to take the next steps with client onboarding, building liquidity in markets, and securing approvals for global trade.


Green Tiger’s listed products include rhodium, used in catalytic converters in cars, and other minor and precious metals. “We’re making it easier for firms to hedge by bringing transparency and price discovery to underserved markets,” John explains. In addition, Green Tiger also lists Philippines electricity. The Philippines has some of the world’s highest electric costs, so John hopes that by introducing a forward market, he can pave the way for economic growth for that country. Looking back at all he’s accomplished, it’s difficult for John to choose a singular aspect of his career that he values the most, from his formative years at Goldman Sachs to building Green Tiger. But if he had to choose, it’s cultivating relationships with mentees and building a solid, long-lasting team driven by hard work and innovation. “The company is still young, but I have every confidence that it will be a great success,” he says.


John Knorring

CEO — Green Tiger Markets, Inc