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John Lumley

When it comes to all the complexities, nuances, and evolutions that happen in the financial life cycle of an individual or organization, one needs to take a different approach to each facet. John Lumley knows this, and that’s why his group of firms under the Blue Triangle umbrella, encompasses three separate companies for all the financial needs of their clients. Blue Triangle is a consultancy, vendor search and vendor management company aimed at hedge funds and private equity firms. Blue Triangle Capital is a firm with the ability to complete trade finance for transactions and produce financial instruments for commodity markets and monetization of financial instruments, providing structured solutions to give out weighted returns with the increased option of leverage. Finally, Blue Triangle Advisory handles the tax side of things for both individuals and funds, providing wealth protection among other financial services and helping the transactions handled by the other two companies as tax efficient as possible and wealth protection through the generations for individuals. “These three arms allow us to walk through the financial life cycle of a firm or person,” John explains. “We can help a client choose, select, or set up a hedge fund or PE, and continue to help that with vendor management processing. Then, a client can go to Blue Triangle Capital, which allows for facilitation of leverage to enhance returns. Then, Blue Triangle Advisory allows the client to keep as much money as legally possible. When we put solutions together, we incorporate the whole cycle of the funds from beginning to end.” Currently, Blue Triangle has three offices, one in Stamford, Connecticut, one in Naples, Florida, and a brand-new location in Monte Carlo, Monaco.


John didn’t start out looking to get into finance. A former rugby player hailing from London, his first degree was in aerospace engineering. However, once he started in banking, he never looked back. Today, he’s been in the financial business for 27 years, and his work has seen him live in seven countries and visit over 50. He came to the U.S. 15 years ago, with the intention of only staying for two weeks. But on the very day he was supposed to leave, he met the woman who would become his wife, so he’s called the U.S. home since then, as well. He worked for JP Morgan, running their administration for hedge funds and then their private equity. After leaving JP Morgan three years ago, he founded Blue Triangle as an advisory firm for hedge and PE firms. However, COVID-19 put some of their business plans on hold, but led to the development of Blue Triangle Capital, which has since become the main driver of the combined firms. “We’ve seen a massive buildup of problems in the commodities market, especially PPE with the pandemic,” John says. “A lot of banks were getting backed up with letters of credit which they use to guarantee the purchase of large-scale commodities. So, we stepped in to help because America was drying up from a banking perspective. We teamed up with firms and banks in the U.K. and Europe to help them facilitate quick, easy, and cheap productions of these financial instruments.” Their work with the commodities still including the PPE sector is continuing today, although John says Blue Triangle is always happy to work with any company in any sector. Today, one of their largest clients is backed by JP Morgan.


John’s past living and working in multiple countries has made him able to adapt extremely easily to all kinds of situations and changes. “I understand change and difference,” he says, “so given the evolution of the financial sector within the past 10 years, this allows me to adapt quickly.” And with finances for individuals as well as organizations, change and difference are a given. “Every pitch, every deal is different” is a mantra he keeps in mind through every transaction. “We’re good at listening to what the client wants and are very good at strategizing on how best to move forward. We can solve any and all problems people have.” This personalized attention and ability to pivot, adapt, and change to meet client needs is what keeps clients coming back to John and his team, as well as providing plenty of referrals to their own friends and family. John maintains relationships with past clients all over the world, and continues to take a particularly personal approach. “I like to talk to people,” he says. “I’m not into social media because I think it’s important to actually talk to people.”


John Lumley

Founder & CEO — Blue Triangle, Blue Triangle Capital & Blue Triangle Advisory