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John appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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John Orrico


At his core, John Orrico is a mentor. Whether as hockey coach for his son, soccer coach for his daughter, or educator for his insurance sales team in Oakville, Ontario, John’s goal is to help the people around him be their best selves by helping shape their self-awareness, character, and capacity to succeed.

John found his way into the business of commercial insurance 30 years ago, after landing a position with the sports management department of State Farm. He got his feet wet learning to sell home, auto, and commercial policies. From there, he moved to a brokerage where he built a portfolio, eventually arriving at the Oakville branch of Ferrari and Associates, where he’s been a managing partner since 2016. They’re a commercially focused office that handles small- to mid-sized accounts, along with VIP personal lines of home and auto for their clients. 

Since coming to Oakville, John has grown the branch’s annual revenue from under $1M to over $18M. He credits this growth to his training program, the “Harvard Sales Program” (HSP), saying, “This is the strength of our brokerage and how we’ve grown it organically.” The HSP is a four-year education-intensive mentoring program for young producers, during which they complete the courses John has designed. All the while, the entire office helps mold them to become successful. This technique reflects John’s traditional approach to daily business practices. “We focus on making cold calls, mentoring, and teaching our team. You don’t build a business, you build people. And then people build the business.” he explains. 

Their office culture is very sales-driven and competitive, often utilizing sales competitions to spur achievement, but always with an air of camaraderie. John recognizes that his team spends a great deal of time at work, and strives to make it a positive, family-oriented, fun environment. He likes coming to work every day, and wants his staff to feel the same, saying, “There’s no secret to success. We just work hard and have fun.”

John Orrico received his Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, from Ryerson University, completed the Sports Marketing Program at George Brown, and is licensed by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).

John Orrico

Managing Partner — Ferrari and Associates



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