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John J. Presto

Can you tell us about the business, EnTrust Funding?

EnTrust Funding is a direct correspondent mortgage lender, based out of Arizona with offices in Texas California and Colorado. Our vision is to change how the mortgage industry conducts business by building long-lasting relationships one loan at a time. We aim to go beyond the needs and desires of not only our clients but also our staff who work tirelessly to make everything possible.Through the efforts and dedication of ETF’s staff, we strive to provide excellence in all aspects of the mortgage process. We understand that a mortgage is not just a transaction but rather it is a path to your American Dream.


What sets your business apart from others in the industry?

EnTrust Funding, or ETF, stands for Ethical, Trusted, Family.  We launched ETF with a goal to be different, prioritizing our employees and borrowers.  We live by the mantra, “by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, evoking trust from our customers and creating a workplace centered around family, we strive for excellence every day at EnTrust Funding.”  

What is your role with EnTrust Funding?

I am the co-founder and President.  I’m highly involved with the day-to-day of our bankers’ interactions with our borrowers.  At ETF, we run a flat organization, prioritizing our desire for strong banker retention and encouraging a positive work culture.  I actually gave up my corner office and moved to the floor to work alongside our bankers.  I wanted to lead in front of the organization, not from behind a desk. 

What has led to the rapid growth of your business?

We have experienced significant growth since our launch in January of 2019.  As of August, we have 60 employees and are experiencing 15-20% headcount growth month over month.  Currently, we are licensed in 23 states, but our goal is to be in 50 states by 2020.

There are many factors that have positively influenced our business growth. From our innovative platform, to our dedicated team, to our excitement to achieve greatness. 

Does your business have a specific niche?

Accessibility of customized products for our borrowers.  We offer FHA, VA, and even alternative document loans, without traditional FICO restrictions.  We can work with borrowers with as low as 500 FICO scores, which allows us to help homeowners when a majority of other lending institutions cannot. 

We also focus on FHA lending, specifically VA loans. Veterans make up about 70% of our business.  As someone who comes from a long line of veterans, the cause is personal. I have a deep appreciation for our ability to help the people who so bravely fought for our country.

What past experiences have helped shaped you and brought you to this point in your career?

I’d like to think my diverse career path helped form my passion for helping others and gain the industry experience necessary to successfully launch EnTrust Funding.

Before moving to Arizona in 2010 to begin my career in finance, I was a paramedic for four years in Connecticut. I enjoy helping people, which was evident from my time as a paramedic, and was insistent that carryover into my new career in finance.  Once I transitioned into banking, I ranked #1 and #2 in performance on the consumer direct and direct lending platforms. Assisting clients from coast to coast, I averaged $125 million in annual funding.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The fact that I had the opportunity to build a company with a strong philanthropic focus.  We are committed to charitable giving and have a staff who shares our passion.  Our philanthropic pillars are helping children, ending homelessness and supporting veterans.  From cooking dinner for parents staying at the Ronald McDonald House to collecting water to donate to homeless shelters to hosting back to school supply drives, we are just getting started in making a difference in the communities where we live. 



John J. Presto

Founding Partner and President

NMLS # 1067780

EnTrust Funding Powered by Titan Mutual Lending

8155 E Indian Bend Rd, Suite 109

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Fax: 928.439.4448

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