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John Steele, CFA®, CFP®


While over a decade of wealth management experience means John Steele knows the ins and outs of finance, it’s his caring, personalized attention to each client that helps them achieve not only their financial goals, but also peace of mind. As senior vice president, financial advisor, and director of investments at Wealth Enhancement Group (WEG), John specializes in advanced investment strategies and tax minimization for high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients, incorporating behavioral finance insights into his comprehensive planning approach.


In 2020, John joined the Atlanta office of WEG, a top-ranked RIA with over $60 billion in assets under management, where he also sits on the firm’s Investment Committee. Through his previous roles of director of investments at JOYN Advisors and wealth portfolio manager for BB&T, he knows how to build highly customized, tax-efficient portfolios. As a CFA® charterholder and CFP® professional, he has the expertise to transform industry knowledge into meaningful outcomes. “I have a dual mandate both to protect and grow my clients’ wealth,” he explains. “I thoroughly enjoy solving complex challenges across investments, financial planning, tax reduction, risk management, and estate planning.” It’s this mentality that earned him the Five Star Wealth Manager Award in 2022.


John also leverages his insight into behavioral finance to account for the human side of wealth management, not just the hard numbers. John takes the time to truly understand each client’s life priorities, using those as his north star for every recommendation. He creates proactive game plans for market volatility only after factoring in all facets of a client’s risk tolerance. John empathizes with how stressful financial decisions can be, which is why his ultimate goal is, “to help clients stress less about their financial future while spending more time focused on the people and pursuits that bring them joy.”



John Steele, CFA®, CFP®

Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor & Director of Investments — Wealth Enhancement Group



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