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Top 100 People in Finance

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John Stenner Hamel Jr.

An accomplished leader with extensive and diverse professional experience, John Stenner Hamel Jr., acknowledges that it has taken more than his willingness to work hard to build a successful career. During our meeting with John, he explained that his family has always been his driving force.


Clearly, both family and career are important to you, so how would you define your personal mission?


Lou Tice once said that “all meaningful and lasting change starts first on the inside and works its way out.” My mission is to live a blended life of family and work, applying ethical principles and trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Faith, family, friends are keys to my mission in life, and they always will be.


You were raised in an entrepreneurial family. What was their business?


My father repurposed old factory buildings in New England, renovating them into spaces for startup companies. I had the opportunity to manage the company for my dad, and that gave me a lot of hands-on business experience -- from negotiating contracts to solving a client's tech issues.


You have a varied professional background. Tell us a bit about it.


I’ve been lucky. I’ve worked for great companies, and have had wonderful mentors. Most recently, I spent 16 years at New York Life Insurance Company where I was responsible for developing the agenda and business content for incentive events and business conferences. Planning memorable events for thousands of attendees demands strong project management, budgeting and scheduling skills. Fortunately, my professional "sweet spot" lies at the intersection of strategic and hands-on tasks.

New York Life is that rare company that truly is a family. At the heart of the company is a commitment to be there for their customers when they need them, whether today or decades in the future. They have delivered on that promise for 175 years. What an honor to be part of a legacy like that!


Didn’t you work in banking for a time as well?


Yes, years ago, I went to a college alumni holiday party in Boston and met some people who worked at Chase Manhattan Private Bank. They asked me to come interview in New York, and I was offered a job with their Family office group, which serves ultra-high net worth families. These clients have needs that go far beyond asset management.  I gained wonderful exposure to how we could guide their philanthropic planning, not to mention wealth advisory, family governance, financial planning, trusts and estate planning.


Did you remain in the same department the entire time you worked there?


Oh, no. Before long, I moved into financial planning, offering financial services to corporations and private clients. Then, I developed a business unit with another colleague, targeting the top 100 law firms in the U.S. and not-for-profit entities. When Chase merged with JP Morgan, I was working in the investment bank, and that led to the opportunity to join the New York Life Insurance Company.


Tell us about your new company, Non Sibi International Advisory Consulting Services.


I started Non Sibi in September 2019. We work with organizations in all sectors, including non-profits, private companies and Fortune 500s. Our goal is to help our clients execute their marketing strategies, including planning and staging company events. I have a special interest in start-up companies -- helping them raise capital and launch their businesses.


Why did you choose the name Non Sibi?


In Latin, Non Sibi means “not for self.” We believe in doing what is good for America, for our families, for our companies and for one another.


How does Non Sibi help entrepreneurs launch new businesses?


Helping start-up companies develop their brands and bring new products to the market is really interesting and important, and it all begins with helping our clients raise the capital they need to achieve their dreams. I like to tell entrepreneurs that nothing is more important than believing in yourself and your mission statement in life. It is inevitable that we will confront many difficulties and hardships during our lives. When you face setbacks, you have to dig down and move yourself forward. The resilience you exhibit in the face of adversity – rather than the adversity itself- will be what defines you as a person.



John Stenner Hamel Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Non Sibi International Advisory Consulting Services LLC

Headquartered in Connecticut


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