CEO, SimpliFi Mortgage

Chair, Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association

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Jonathan Gedde

Jonathan describes the goal of his Las Vegas-based firm, SimpliFi Mortgage, as simultaneously simple and difficult. It’s simple in that it has one true aim, but getting there takes a lot of experience, talent, and dedication to achieve.  The goal is to make the mortgage finance process as simple as possible for clients and referral partners.  


Jonathan has been in the lending business since 2006, and has served as CEO of SimpliFi since 2018.  He has also served as the Chair of the Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association since 2014 he advocates for all mortgage lenders in the state and upholds the association’s mission to expand access to affordable credit options to everyone through advocacy, leadership, and education. So, if anyone knows how to achieve the goal of making mortgage lending easier, it’s most assuredly him. And it’s been working. Jonathan has appeared in Top 100 lists alongside other illustrious finance industry members, such as Jamie Dimon and Janet Yellen, and has received numerous production awards during his career.


SimpliFi Mortgage has a unique philosophy when it comes to what they do, building the company on a foundation of principles they call their “four corners.” These principles guide every aspect of company operations to ensure the best service, culture, and experience for everyone not just today, but long into the future. 


First, they always think long-term, making decisions and choices that will be the most beneficial in the future. “We don't take shortcuts, avoid tough decisions, or do things that are easy today at the expense of tomorrow,” Jonathan says. Second, they’re dedicated to providing exceptional service ensuring everyone, whether a client, a partner, a vendor, or a colleague, has a great experience and becomes a true SimpliFi fan. Third, everyone at SimpliFi is what Jonathan calls a “thumb-pointer,” meaning that instead of pointing fingers at others, each team member holds themselves accountable and learns from each interaction and project how to do even better next time. “We always look at ourselves first and ask 'What could I have done better?’ We never blame others or make excuses. Negativity gets us nowhere,” Jonathan says. And finally, the team at SimpliFi is all about having fun while getting the job done. “We spend a lot of time at work, so it has to be fun!” he says. “We encourage our teams to have fun and promote a positive, enjoyable work environment.”


And they really do have fun!  The company has a Director of Goodwill or DOG, Wesley, who is in the office regularly.  Tina Albert, the operations chief, likes to have impromptu dance-offs as well.  Nothing brightens the mood of a workplace quite like fur-babies and dance parties!


Jonathan Gedde

CEO — SimpliFi Mortgage

Chair — Nevada Mortgage Lenders Association