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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Jonathan Lewis

A man of many talents, Jonathan Lewis holds the titles of developer, multi-business owner, professional advisor, and author. However, it is the qualitative side of his life that he values most. As the husband of Sara Lewis and as the father of their two young daughters, Jonathan places his family above all else and works to assist other families who lack the resources they have. As the founder of Eastport Financial and as the author of Deep Water: How to Face Fatherlessness, Jonathan’s faith in God is at the center of who he is. He strives to live out his faith daily as a husband, father and leader in the business community.


As a young man, Jonathan enjoyed a carefree life until 1991, when he and his family embarked on a scuba diving expedition. During the outing, his father, also successful in business, tragically drowned. Fifteen-year-old Jonathan was then left to navigate life on his own, and ultimately found himself on the open road. He landed in northern British Columbia living in a tent in the Rocky Mountains planting trees and he felt he was completely lost. Jonathan still viewed his situation as a gift though and was determined to learn and grow from it. Although he struggled with where God was in the wake of the tragedy that befell his family, he hadn’t lost hope in God and knew that God cares for each and every one of us.


After graduating from high school, Jonathan received an entrance scholarship to St. Mary’s University. Unfortunately, because he did not have a stable home environment, he worked several jobs, and, in turn, his grade-point average dropped below the standard to maintain his scholarship. Although he felt defeated, his grandmother, who had taught herself how to read and write at age 67, was adamant that he continue going to school, and not give up. He did not want to disappoint her. Jonathan pressed on and earned his business degree debt free.


While in University, Jonathan started his own landscaping company and joined the Canadian Armed Forces. During that time, he worked seven days per week and completed his officer training with the artillery while still ranking at the top of his class. Instead of accepting an offer to serve overseas, Jonathan joined London Life’s finance department, sold his landscaping company, and officially began his career. Although he had moved into upper management and was overseeing 20 people by the age of 25, he became disenchanted with the industry and the apparent lack of integrity and authenticity, so he decided to set up his own brokerage. He founded Eastport Financial in 2003 with the mandate of always putting the client and their goals first. Eastport established a “go anywhere” mandate for their clients. In short, if there was a better solution for the client out there, EFG would provide it. Jonathan and his team focused on values-based client engagement. “Our goal is to help our clients transfer their values to the next generation, not just their wealth.” Jonathan and his wife Sara have also started several other Nova Scotia companies, including; real estate development, fashion design and boat design and manufacturing.


Jonathan and Sara are most proud of the work they do philanthropically as a family with Madeline and Clara. They run a family foundation for at risk youth The gross sales of Jonathan’s second published book, Deep Water/Aguas Profundas in Spanish: How to Face Fatherlessness, Fill the Gap, and Be The Man God Made You To Be all go to their foundation for ongoing support of the increasing number of programs they get behind as a family. Throughout Deep Water, Jonathan guides readers through his journey of defeating fatherlessness by finding strength and power in making God his father, and invites all who are fatherless to join him in living a life of ambition, purpose, and hope through Christ Jesus. “Live a life of purpose on purpose!”




Jonathan Lewis, Founder, Eastport Financial

Mahone Bay and Halifax, Nova Scotia

Toronto, Ontario

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