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Jonathan appears in the Top 50 Attorneys of 2019 Magazine

Jonathan Marashlian

As managing partner for Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC/The CommLaw Group, a Washington, D.C. area law firm specializing in serving the communications and information technology sectors of the national and global economy, Jonathan Marashlian and his team of professionals use their extensive knowledge of the telecommunications, IoT and information services and data technology industries to assist the Firm’s diverse clients, which encompasses everything from start-ups to Fortune 100 global enterprises.


The CommLaw Group provides a full spectrum of legal and consulting services to a diverse audience of clients. While the Firm’s roots are in communications, it has branched into nearly every facet of the Internet ecosystem and now offers a wealth of services ranging from data protection and privacy, general business law, broadcast and new media, to intellectual property and representation of domestic and global equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Founded in 2006, The Commpliance Group is the consulting affiliate of The CommLaw Group, which delivers flat rate and subscription-based services to fulfill a variety of licensing, registration and post-market entry compliance needs of the regulated telecom industry. The goal was to create a full-service professional services organization capable of delivering everything from complex legal services all the way down to commoditized, administrative and pseudo-legal services that address the basic, day-to-day compliance needs of the regulated and heavily taxed communications industry.

The CommLaw Group provides its expert insight and guidance to The Commpliance Group and regularly interfaces with its compliance administration team to provide advice, address risk management issues, analyze options, offer interpretive guidance and manage escalated issues that require legal counsel and defense.  While considered a niche law firm due to its specialization in the communications & technology industries, The CommLaw Group has an expansive reach and works with both national and international clients through its relationships with trusted partners in the European Union and throughout world.

Jonathan has worked for the Firm for twenty years and explains that they pride themselves on building relationships with their clients and counseling them in a highly personal, client-centric manner. “We deliver pragmatic advice that’s considerate of the practical realities of each unique client.  We believe good customer service means finding out, remembering, and always working to deliver value to each distinct client. And we recognize that all our clients are unique and every one of our clients has a different perception of value.’”

The reason The CommLaw Group has been named the Customer Service Law Firm of the Year in the United States, not once, not twice, but three times is because it places its clients’ best interests first.    

Marashlian sums up his Firm’s special place in the legal profession thusly, “[f]rom the relationships we build, the strategies we develop, the solutions we deliver, and the fees we charge, our customer-centric philosophies apply to each and every one of our clients, our unique combination of down-to-earth professionalism, common sense business-savvy advice, and prudent use of resources has earned us high praise and a reputation for excellence among our clients.”



Jonathan Marashlian

Managing Partner

Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Download The Top 50 Attorneys of 2019 Magazine and see Jonathan's feature on page 31. 

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