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Jonathan Telgener


After graduating from Clemson University in 2010, Jonathan Telgener joined SAC Capital Advisors in New York, where he held numerous positions and joined the firm’s internal fundamental research group. After the firm converted to Point72, he served as vice president of fundamental research and as sector head for industrials and energy. Jonathan credits mentors in his personal and professional life for instilling a strong work ethic and passion for research in him, which ultimately helped to prepare him for his current role. Today, as the founder of Channel Dynamics, LLC, Jonathan oversees the boutique firm’s research and general business strategy.


Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Channel Dynamics is a newly formed primary research provider that currently services over 20 long/short equity hedge funds. Teams work remotely out of the United States, Asia, and Europe with the mission of building a best-in-class primary research product that delivers a unique value proposition to clients and that adheres to the highest compliance standards in the industry. 

Channel Dynamics currently performs ~50 quarterly industry reports across industrials, healthcare, technology, media, consumer, and energy sectors. Jonathan explains, “Our brief and easily digested reports help our clients save time and money because we conduct expert communications with only the best experts, and we know the most salient inflection points on which to focus in each industry.” CD’s reports allow their clients to improve hit rates during earnings season and to catch key performance indicator (KPI) inflections ahead of the competition. The CD research team also works to identify supply chain impacts and thematic investment opportunities related to global events such as IMO 2020, COVID-19, and African Swine Fever. 

According to Jonathan, the two aspects that most set his firm apart from others are differentiated research and rigorous compliance. Differentiated research is based upon his team having strong relationships and domain expertise within the industries they cover. Jonathan explains, “Our team worked together at a top buy-side firm and benefitted from robust training in both research techniques and compliance best practices.”

Channel Dynamics also fosters the culture of working as a team. “We all have a strong passion for research, and the entire team cultivates a start-up mentality,” says Jonathan. We’re currently looking to expand our research team with a senior hire. Channel Dynamics understands the value of implementing both balance and flexibility into the daily work environment. “We have a cohesive research unit, a differentiated research product, and strong buy-side relationships that make for an engaging work environment,” says Jonathan


Jonathan Telgener 

Founder & Head of Research

Channel Dynamics, LLC

2420 17th Street 

Denver, Colorado  80202




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