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Jonathan Tonks


“I believe God blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others,” says Jonathan Tonks. This is the tenet that has guided him his entire life. From a young man who traveled from his home in Clarkston, MI, to Honduras to build homes for those in need to now the founder and managing partner of Provision Space, a real estate investment firm whose mission is grounded in this very canon, Jonathan has been driven by the profound desire to help others.


This is precisely what compelled him, in August 2021, to take his passion and skill for real estate investing and start Provision Space as a firm focused on commercial assets in high-growth markets around the United States. The company provides individuals—from first-time “Main Street” investors to ultra-high-net-worth veterans—the opportunity to become investor partners on large multifamily apartments in exchange for consistent, passive income. With tenfold growth in just their first year, and a portfolio of over 400 units valued at $57M in the Midwest and Southeast, the dazzling success of Provision Space is undeniable. Yet, Jonathan’s North Star remains clear: “There’s a way to do well by doing good, and that’s what we’re focused on,” he says. As he and his experienced team “cherry-pick” the best properties from across the country to help investors build a legacy of wealth, they are equally committed to their philanthropic mission for the betterment of all. “Regardless of how advanced the world gets, it’s our obligation as leaders to try to improve it,” Jonathan says.


We had the privilege to speak with Jonathan to learn more about the inspiration behind Provision Space, what makes them so different, and their mission to help others rise.


The creation of Provision Space emerged from your desire to help your family and friends. Tell us about this.

I started my career as a continuous improvement engineer for an automotive supplier. Although I come from a family of engineers, I quickly developed a curiosity for real estate. In 2020 I purchased my first investment property and immediately wanted to help my family and friends participate in future acquisitions. The best way was through a syndication model. I saw this company as a culmination of all my competencies, and then partnered with experts across the country to make it work. But it all comes back to family. They are a driving force for me. I’ve always wanted to help others and give back, and Provision Space allows me to do that on a large scale.

How is Provision Space different from other real estate investment firms?

One, we are not bound to any specific geographic region, so we have the flexibility to invest in the most lucrative markets anywhere that provides exceptional returns for our investors. Two, our white-glove service, and how we treat our investor partners, both accredited and non-accredited folks. We work with many first-time investors, so I educate them on the syndication model and take great care of them along the way. We find, acquire, and manage the properties, and our investors receive quarterly distributions and remain part of the deal until the asset is sold. Three, our philanthropic mission and our commitment to serving others with the provisions that God has blessed us with. We support and work with churches, nonprofits, and charitable organizations to help others in need around the world.

While most real estate investment firms work only with seasoned or ultra-high-net worth individuals or groups, Provision Space is also giving many “Main Street” individuals the same opportunity, many of whom are first-time commercial real estate investors. What led to that decision?

It stemmed from the realization that my sphere of influence, back in 2021, was comprised of hard-working, intelligent individuals who didn’t yet have a high-net-worth or accreditation status. Though well on their way, I desired to provide an opportunity to accelerate their trajectory alongside me.

Your unique investment model allows you to invest in properties across the U.S. and “cherry-pick” from the most promising markets to build diversified portfolios. Tell us about this and how your clients can benefit from this.

Certain states and submarkets experience asymmetrical population growth, job growth, and income growth compared to the rest of the country. By focusing on those markets, we are better able to manage the fluctuations of economic uncertainty and yield a greater return for our investors.


Your syndication model allows people to enjoy consistent passive income. Can this type of investment also help to protect and/or grow their wealth during periods of inflation, stock market volatility, and economic headwinds?

Absolutely. One area where we are helping individuals do this is by using their retirement accounts to invest in these projects. By converting to a self-directed IRA, they achieve greater diversification within their retirement portfolio while consistently building their wealth during challenging times.

Philanthropy is tremendously important to you as part of your bigger mission to improve the world. Tell us about this and why this is important to you.


One of my mentors shared his perspective on generosity and tithing in this way, he said, “We always think of tithing as how much we are giving back. Rather, it’s about how much God is allowing us to keep.” It’s all His. I want the abundance I earn on this earth to make an impact that will last generations and that my children and grandchildren may build on top of. Philanthropy is purely an outward expression of gratitude.


Jonathan Tonks

Founder & Managing Partner — Provision Space





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