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Jonathon Baugher


As the owner of JB Tax, Accounting, and Payroll Services, Jonathon Baugher offers a unique one-stop shop opportunity for small business owners throughout southeast Wisconsin. In addition to his title of certified public accountant, he also holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Carthage College as well as ten years of experience in the financial services industry. While building his own business, Jonathon worked for a large company listed on the S&P 500, and prepared over 1,500 individual and small business tax returns. As a result, clients feel confident going to JB Tax to seek assistance on their challenging tax issues or to take advantage of their other cost-effective financial services.

Since its founding in 2012, JB Tax has provided high-quality, affordable tax services to well over 1,000 individuals. “Our clients appreciate our year-round support and their ability to work with the same tax professional each year,” says Jonathon. However, the continual, personalized service is only one aspect that sets the business apart from other tax offices.

Due to their training and specialization, Jonathon and his team are confident in consulting their expansive resources on unique tax issues, making recommendations, and serving as client advocates. They also offer a vast array of services, which include tax preparation and consulting; accounting and payroll services; entity selection and restructuring advisement; new business startup; and financial consulting. No matter what job his team undertakes, Jonathon makes it his mission to consistently provide the highest level of client service professionally possible.


Jonathon Baugher, CPA

Owner, JB Tax, Accounting and Payroll Services, LLC

5008 Green Bay Road, Suite 103

Kenosha, Wisconsin  53144


Facebook:   ꟾ  @JBTaxLLC


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