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Jordan Cawsey

Jordan Cawsey is CEO of the 'Platinum' group of companies, based in Edmonton, Alberta; Platinum Solutions provides its clients with water treatment, pumping, spill response and environmental services. Platinum Telecommunications, the newest addition to the group, specializes in constructing underground utilities and fiber optic networks. As an experienced professional with deep roots in the oil industry and a reputation for his skills in management and business development, Jordan believes that partnerships are the key to success—and he is passionate about helping others succeed.

Jordan most recently launched Platinum Telecommunications, two years after founding Platinum Solutions in 2018. The values underlying the entire Platinum group of companies reflect Jordan’s firmly held belief of doing business on a hand-shake and his dedication to helping empower his team. “We believe in doing business on a handshake, doing business based on honesty and integrity, and full transparency has strengthened our bonds with our employees and our clients,” he shares. “We may be a little unconventional in the way we do business and the way we structure our companies, but it has been the reason we have been successful.”

In keeping with Jordan’s desire to help people succeed, Platinum Telecommunications is committed to constructing and delivering fiber optics to everyone in Canada. One of its cornerstone missions is constructing reliable fiber networks across the country to ensure that everyone has access to the reliable fiber optic networks that they deserve. As with the entire group of companies, the business not only emphasizes safety, it views it as critical and sets it above all else. “A lot of companies talk about safety, but our team actually believes in it. For us, it’s not just a catchphrase; we always take it one step beyond industry standards,” he explains.

Jordan’s dedication to people and community extends beyond his role as the leader of a portfolio of successful companies. He serves as a member of the nonprofit organization SARDAA and trains his search-and-rescue dog. The team volunteers their time and money for the sole purpose of helping official agencies find missing people so that they can be safely returned to their families. “I am very proud to be a member of this organization and this team,” he shares.


Jordan Cawsey

CEO— Platinum Solutions Ltd and Platinum Telecommunications Ltd

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