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Jordan Rymer, co-founder and executive vice president of Lurin, did not set out to start a real estate company, but his ambition and passion—and a serendipitous encounter—steered him down a path that found him at this undeniable terminus, vaulting him from successful real estate acquisitions consultant to a partner of a leading real estate investment firm. In his role as EVP, he serves as head of the capital markets and acquisitions teams, focusing on managing the division that identifies and acquires properties and the group that structures the debt and equity for acquisitions and currently owned assets in Lurin’s portfolio.

Lurin specializes in the acquisition of workforce housing multifamily properties, focusing on stressed and distressed assets across the southeastern United States, with roughly half of its concentration in the firm’s home state of Texas, and the other half across Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina. The company’s vertically integrated platform is unique for the real estate investment industry, with all facets of the acquisition, construction and asset management process managed within the company rather than outsourced to third parties.

“We run every step of the process for our investors,” Jordan explains. “From acquisitions to dispositions, capital markets, accounting, construction, property management, investor relations, and everything in between, it’s all done in-house.” Given Lurin’s success, and Jordan’s lineage, it would seem he was born for this; entrepreneurship is in his blood—and his destiny was one that he could not deny.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Jordan had other ideas for his career path, so after graduating from Southern Methodist University with a degree in economics, he hit the ground running in a different direction. “I didn’t want to go home and work in the family business,” he explains. “I went to a family friend who was running a series of multifamily funds and inquired about learning the business. I worked for him for a year and learned a lot.”

In 2011, Jordan joined Eureka Holdings as an acquisitions consultant, where over the course of his five-year tenure, he helped the company grow from 2,000 units to 12,000 units and created millions of dollars in profits before leaving in 2016 to start Lurin. It was during this time that destiny would show its hand, when Jordan met Jon Venetos, Lurin’s founder and CEO.

“I began talking to Jon about starting a real estate business in 2014,” Jordan explains. “Jon was at Citadel at the time, running a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund, but his family had been in multifamily real estate for 50 years, so he knew it well.” Together, they founded Lurin in early 2016, with just three people in a shared office and zero properties under management.

Since then, the company has grown at a parabolic pace. With over 200 employees, 21 asset acquisitions, and more than 7,000 units acquired or under contract, Lurin was recently ranked #14 by SMU’s Cox School of Business as one of the Top 100 Companies in Dallas. Jordan attributes the company’s success to both its distinct focus on a niche market and, in great part, to its people. “Our growth can be attributed to two things,” Jordan shared. “First, having a great team on every level, having great support, and having the ability to get out there and find unique opportunities in a tight market. Second, really sticking within the niche market that we’re experts in, which is 1960s-1980s vintage workforce housing. We stick with what we know, and we do it well.”


J. Jordan Rymer

Co- Founder & Executive Vice President — Lurin


2101 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 1250

Dallas, TX 75201

LinkedIn: J. Jordan Rymer

Instagram: JRYM117

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