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Joseph Gozlan is an investment professional, specializing in multi-family acquisitions and asset management. He is presently a managing principal of EBG Acquisitions, a Texas-based group with a portfolio of more than five hundred units, valued at over thirty million dollars.

Joseph, a former lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces, has more than seventeen years of leadership experience in the software industry, twelve of which are with publicly traded companies. In a previous role as senior software development manager, he was responsible for the delivery of products that contributed directly to the company’s multi-million-dollar bottom line.

Presently, Joseph is charged with overseeing the day-to-day operations of EBG Acquisitions, with responsibility over the repositioning and disposition of multi-family properties within the Texas secondary real estate markets. Under his astute direction, the company went from just a few units to more than 500, in under two years. Joseph is poised to triple that number within the next two years and is in the process of expanding operations to accommodate the increase.

Joseph first realized his passion for real estate in 2005, when he and his wife, Rita, purchased their first investment property in Israel. In 2007, they relocated to Plano, Texas, where they acquired a second holding and started Eureka Business Group, a commercial real estate brokerage specializing in multifamily assets. By 2018, Joseph had led the acquisition of more than four hundred units in the Lubbock community, as well as others in neighboring areas.

Joseph maintains an active profile within the industry as a speaker, commercial broker, investor and a member of the North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors and after being interviewed in countless podcasts he is presently developing a podcast for multifamily operators, in which he shares his experience and strategies for success. He is also pursuing a master’s degree at Texas A&M University, to complement his BS in information systems engineering.

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