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Joseph Orseno

Joseph Orseno has been participating in various types of charity fundraising events with his family since he was a kid.  After graduating from San Diego State University, he wanted to continue helping to make the world a better place while his career took him into the world of commercial finance, tech investing, and real estate. After missing out on an investment opportunity for Oculus, which ended up going to Kickstarter, he found himself more and more interested in chasing tech projects in search of the next revolutionary idea. Then he met the founder of a Los Angeles-based company called Tiltify, a fundraising platform with charities in mind. In 2016, he started investing in Tiltify, and also filled in for the company in various roles as needed. After the latest round of capital, he became its CFO and today helps build out the company even further.


Tiltify allows people anywhere to turn a livestream, or other social media channels, into a charity fundraiser and raise money for any number of social causes. “Everything is digital, and this is what Tiltify is built for,” Joseph explains. “It’s for the next generation of people, like TikTok users and social justice fighters, who use this platform to raise money for their causes.” In addition to helping individual users raise money, they also work to educate charitable organizations on harnessing this new way to collect donations. “Digital fundraising is where it’s at,” Joseph says. For one thing, it allows anyone anywhere in the world to chip in. For another, it allows people to participate in fundraisers when traditional venues, like races or other activities, aren’t an option, such as what happened in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. “People could no longer run marathons or do charity walks, but you could get thousands of people together virtually to raise money,” he says. Tiltify also allows companies like Twitch, Youtube and TikTok to build in charity integration without compliance issues. That’s because the compliance is built into the tech, bridging the payer and the charity and making sure money goes where it needs to. To ensure that funds are reaching real charities, Tiltify conducts thorough government verification checks on all partnering organizations before verifying them with the platform.


Right now, Tiltify has 5000 charities from multiple parts of the world, mainly North America, Europe, and Australia, on board, and they’re still expanding daily. Just a quick look at their website sees multiple ongoing charity campaigns for hospitals, anti-hate education, LGBTQ organizations, children’s groups, and many more having raised thousands of dollars, with some raising millions for the charity. Charity fundraising can mean a lot of governmental regulations and hurdles, but Tiltify makes it easy for anyone to start raising money for the charity they are passionate about in minutes. Their growth is rapid, but still comes mainly from referrals. In fact, Joseph says the company has done very little marketing at all. Thanks to the built-in protections and regulations that keep money in the hands of people who will use it for good, as well as a clean and easy user interface that can get a user connected to a fundraiser in less than three minutes, the future looks bright for Tiltify. And they’ll be making a lot of other futures bright, too.



Joseph Orseno

CFO, Tiltify




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