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Joseph Roseme

By trade, he’s a litigator who is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Georgia. In addition, and simultaneously, for about a decade, he’s also dedicated much of his professional life to educating and assisting clients with buying and selling millions of dollars in properties throughout Massachusetts. This is Joseph Roseme, who is creating change through real estate, one client at a time.

Driven by the desire to help people create a brighter future through real estate, Joseph co-founded Maron Realty in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2020, to fill a clear need in the marketplace for a more holistic and educational approach to the real estate industry, especially in the Black, immigrant, and minority communities. As its principle and managing broker, he leads a full-service residential brokerage focused on assisting clients with property sales and acquisitions across the North Shore, South Shore, and western Massachusetts areas. Additionally, he will soon launch a development arm. Without question, as the leader of a thriving real estate firm, Joseph is helping to turn dreams into reality. “We don’t just help people buy a home, we help people build a life plan through their acquisitions, and we guide them through the entire process,” he explains.

A native of Massachusetts and a first generation Haitian American, Joseph hails from humble beginnings. Those humble beginnings have had a profound effect on his entire philosophy and his passion for uplifting others. “Our parents taught us to build on the foundation we’d been given in order to create a better life and also help others along the way,” he states. With this as his driving creed, Joseph left corporate America and along with his co-founder, Frantz Charles, created Maron Realty, a real estate company that gets the client to the finish line while enjoying great customer experience.

What really differentiates this team of top talent is their client-centric, advisory approach, and their focus on education. “We believe in the trickle-down effect. If we can teach one person about the process, they’ll be able to teach their kids, their friends, and it will spread throughout communities as they see these possibilities that they didn’t previously know existed. This can build a bridge that creates and/or builds on positive change and a better life for all,” he explains.

Prior to starting his own real estate firm, Joseph was an assistant managing broker under Linda Champion, the founder and managing broker of CUE Realty, among her many accolades. He credits Attorney Champion, along with Compass senior vice president, Charles George, for being guiding lights as mentors, and holds in high regard his partner and Maron co-founder, Frantz Charles. “I wouldn’t be where I am without my mentors, and Maron would not be the success it is today without a partner who shared my passion and my vision.”

Joseph is also one of the four co-founders and CEO of a Haitian rhum clairin brand, Navèt 1804, which is set to launch, creating impact and change through its sale of spirits.

Joseph Roseme

President | Principal Broker — Maron Realty LLC



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